The zip become black on your LVs?

  1. I am facing this with my LV bags expecially for my Vernis Alma BB which bought in Feb this year (a limited for valentine), the problem is so obvious on this bag, please refer to the pic below, I want to know if any of you have this problem as well or it's just my bag....I think the quality of LV is definitely dropping since the bag I purchase in 5~6 years ago have no such issues.

    BTW, the bag was bought in Barcelona when I was on a trip, when I came back to my home country and called for customer service they asked me to change the whole zip with certain costs...that's really pissed me off since I just bought for less than one month at that time!

    Thanks in advance for your replies.
    IMG_0849.JPG IMG_0850.JPG
  2. OMg that is sad. Definitely quality issue. LV customer service always tries to put the blame on us (saying it's wear and tear) to avoid taking responsibility. I'm very disgusted with them.
  3. You can try applying metal polish/cleaner. Just use Q-tips and rub gently and carefully then wipe with a smooth cloth. It will become shiny again. I tried this with the zippers of my Alma Mono
  4. I have several LV bags and have seen this on most of my gold toned zippers. I hate to say it but its wear and tear from use moving the zipper back and forth eroding the brass plated metal. I know that's irritating but eventually bound to happen to brass plated zippers. Pretty annoying! I wasn't thrilled with it either but it usually happens after owning the bag for a long time so if your bag is new it's a little premature.
  5. This happened to my Zippy wallet in Azur after 1 month - they replaced the zipper and the clother on either side of the zipper. I wont use it now - selling it for sure.
  6. That's quite a common problem apparently... even Kate Spade hardware are 14kt plated :nogood: