The "Which LV bag would you rather get" GAME!

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  1. It's been quiet here lately so I thought I'd make a silly game for us to play. I'll post 2 bag choices and you'll have to answer which bag you would rather get. Then after you will have to create your own choices for others to answer and keep the thread running! :smile:

    I'll start:

    Which would you rather get Antheia PM or Mahina L?
  2. Mahina L :yes:

    Galliera PM or Tivoli GM?
  3. Tivoli GM.

    Speedy 30 or Alma?
  4. Speedy 30

    Ebene NF MM or Cabas Rivington?
  5. Neverfull

    Artsy or Delightful
  6. Artsy

    Alma BB or Wilshire PM
  7. Alma BB !

    Trevi PM or Galliera PM ?
  8. Galliera PM

    Totally pm or Monty gm?
  9. Totally PM

    Aviator or Mahina Stellar?
  10. Mahina Stellar

    Palermo PM or Totally MM?
  11. Palermo PM

    Azur Gallier PM or Delightful PM?
  12. Galliera Azur

    Multicolore White Speedy or Multicolore White Courtney?
  13. Multicolore White Speedy.

    Pochette with long strap or Eva?
  14. Pochette with long strap! Maybe just because I have one in Ebene

    OK so these are older styles but?

    Popincourt Long!"crossbody type"
    Mono Montsouris GM Backpack!
  15. Popincourt Long!"crossbody type"

    Neverfull MM
    Delightful MM