The web of lies that dodgy buyers spin...

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  1. Ok...
    I had to share what happened to me last night.
    Im selling a bag with a BIN, so a woman emails me and asks for extra pics/info etc. which I give.

    She BIN's my bag and then emails me asking for my address as she wants to send a cheque. I tell her that my auction clearly states Paypal only.

    She tells me she really wants my bag and will I make an exception. The bag is 'for her mothers birthday'.She tells me that she is a good buyer and to check her feedback. I say no and ask her is she sure that she hasnt got a paypal account as when I look at her items that she has sold, she accepts paypal in her auctions!! Also when I really looked into her items, it seems that she buys used bags and then a month or so later, re-sells them BNWT. Hhmmm..

    Anyway she tells me that she used to have a paypal account, but it was linked to her joint account with her husband and they have just split up. She then says that it will take her too long to set up a paypal account as she needs to open a her own account...

    So THEN I email her with " Hold on, if you dont have an account yet, whos cheques are you paying with????"

    LOL....then silence! I dont hear anything more from her, except the return of the mutual sale cancellation form, saying that she had agreed to cancel the sale.

    Some people are sooooo dodgy!

  2. from now on with buy it now auctions check "Immediate payment required". this will stop this stuff from happening because no one will acutally win the item until they have completed the paypal pmt.

    I'm so sorry this happened to you, some of these ebay buyers really suck!
  3. Thanks Court. Im not upset about it...just wondering was problems might have been ahead if I did take her cheque. Hmmm.
  4. that's actually a very funny story.
  5. Nice one Halzer - hopefully you'll get a serious buyer next time.
  6. Oh the tangled lies we weave, when we practice to deceive.
  7. When I have a BIN item, I always added "immediate payment required", after having a bad experience with a non-paying bidder disappeared afterwards.

    Good for you, Halzer. You never know what would happen if you accept her check.
  8. How weird! The nerve of some people!
  9. Thank goodness you were able to outwit her and avoid a potentially miserable transaction! I totally agree; some people are soooo dodgy.
  10. Wow..thats weird !
  11. And as Mark Twain said if you do not lie, you never have to remember anything!
  12. Sure would have been easier, or perhaps I mean faster, if she had just said "never mind" right when you reminded her of the paypal rule....
  13. You are a smart cookie, Halzer, I'm impressed!

    These buyers don't know who they're dealing with when they try to put one over on someone who's read every eBay worst case scenario on TPF; they don't have a chance in...well, you know.
  14. If you bank somewhere with online banking you can literally open an account and get a working paypal account in the same day.