The VIP (Very Important Paw) Gets into the YSL F&F Sale

  1. Lover your cat and all your purchases, wish there was a sale like this in the Netherland.
  2. awww!!! the reveal with Jinjy was very special!!!
    Great haul!!!!
  3. I also went yesterday! darn it, we could have gone together.
  4. i checked the sale today. Although when i checked woodbury before Easter i found better prices, i did find two pretty colors which i couldnt resist.

    purple tribtoo pumps and deep green patent ones

    hope you like it

    mid afternoon they still had tons of bags (old styles though) lots of clothing (i actually go there for clothing every year but this time very disappointing to me) , lots of belts,

    there were still tributes, not the 75 but the taller ones in green, red patent, i saw some neutrals but did go fast. Rain boots 50$ and boots 350$. Actually they had much more shoes this year than the previous year i was surprised.

    Rings 50$ only 1 style which i dont know what that is sorry.

    Line was ok just 30 min to get in and IT IS MUCH MORE CIVILIZED , MUCH MUCH MORE
    Jersey City-20120613-00747.jpg Jersey City-20120613-00746.jpg
  5. OMG...where is this at? I need size 35.5 tribute sandals and 36 pump. Did anyone see anything good in these sizes?

    Also need low heel size 39 for a friend. Liri I love your haul. Do those come in size 39??
  6. Congrats, love everything thanks for sharing!
  7. OMG this need to be my screen saver lol ..
  8. wow, what a haul!! It's like being in a candy store. Jinji did a great job and has great taste.
  9. I thought the first photo was a photo of all your YSL collection shoes in your walk-in :smile: