The Vibrato Thread

  1. I think vibrato is beautiful, unique, but underrated. So, I want to dedicate a thread on vibrato. I'm curious to see just what kind of combination of vibratos you ladies have seen ... If you can list the ones you've seen in this thread, it'll be marvelous:yes:

    I guess i'll start. Here are the combos I've seen so far:

    Combo 1:
    Solid Color: Rouge Vif
    Vibrato: Pink/Fuchsia/Red/Brown/Light Pink

    Combo 2:
    Solid Color: Raisin
    Vibrato: Purple/Violet/Raisin/White/Green

    Combo 3:
    Solid Color: Black
    Vibrato: Black/White/Grey

    Combo 4:
    Solid Color: Rouge Garance
    Vibrato: Red/Fuchsia/Yellow/Orange/Green

    Combo 5:
    Solid Color: Portiron
    Vibrato: Orange/Red/Green/Pink

    Combo 5:
    Solid Color: Cyclamen
    Vibrato: Orange/Brown/Pink

    I know there're more out there but can't remember off the top of my head ...
  2. Thalassa
  3. I :heart: :heart: :heart: this...
    Beige Vibrato Birkin.jpg
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  4. gorgeous, gigi!!
  5. there'a a raisin vibrato at my store with vertical vibrato.
  6. Hello Vibrato lovers!

    Here are my two beloved vibrato canoes. I got the fuschia/brown combo from the boutique in NYC and the green/orange combo from the boutique in Toronto.

    As far as I know, the canoes only come in these two combinations. Let me know if there are any. :graucho:

    The seamstress at the Toronto boutique sewed a pouch for me using an H scarf so that the evercalf lining on my canoe will not get so scratched. Since the canoe is an open bag, it also allowed for some security. Though my DH pointed out that a thief could just as easily grab the whole pouch! (ouch! I dread that scenario!)

    Anyway, I have sent a pink/fuschia H scarf to Toronto so that they can make a pouch for my pink/brown canoe. Am excited!

    BTW- vibrato combination also includes- beige/brown/grays/bj - see attached photo.
    canoe vibrato.JPG evelynbvib1.jpg
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    Can you still get these, AAB?
  8. I've also seen Sapphire Blue Gulliver with Vibrato--can't remember the exact shades of the Vibrato (I know there was some green and pink in there, but that's all I can recall).
  9. That's such a clever idea! :idea: Could you post a pic of your pouch sewed from a H scarf ? TIA! :smile:
  10. Those are so pretty!!!
  11. ^^I saw the vert anis canoe at the Bev Hill bout. 1 week ago. Loved it! Alas, I can't deal with bags that can't be closed in some fashion. I thought it was actually a good buy for a Hermes bag. The SA (not my usual person) was really pushing and I didn't like that very much. They also had an orange Kelly vibrato that was just not to my taste at all. All About Are these your everyday bags?

  12. Oh my Goodness, GF!!:nuts: ...That is the coolest thing I have ever heard of, because I kept wondering whether they would do a vertical Vibrato. BTW, I have been changing my internet connection so have been having troubles, it keeps timing out and kicking me offline, but I asked my manager who said that Vibrato is not and was never discontinued....but we knew that by now, sorry for the late info delivery, :shame: .
  13. WOW!! All About Bags, your pieces are incredible....I love that Canoe, it is just beautiful.
    I wish that I had pictures of my Birkin on hand, but have been so busy and lazy that I haven't taken any pictures of it yet.
  14. GREAT news!!!!!!!!! Thank You for finding that out Sarah! You're a Pal!!

    Now, just got to save up for one...!

  15. OMG!!! %*^@#$!!!! THAT WAS THE COMBO I HAD BEEN LOOKING FOR FOREVER!!!!!:nuts::nuts::nuts::nuts::nuts: I WANT that combo in a Birkin dammit!! I'm so jealous! It's so beautiful!!

    Ok, I want that pink/brown vibrato combo with pink chevre leather in a Birkin! If i can have that, then I can forego all my other bags~~~ Seriously~~

    Well, except for the fuchsia ostrich and the rose indienne croc ...