the veiny leather of ink city

  1. I wonder if the ink city owners notice that the ink city has very veiny leathers. I just got one from NY store. The leather looks very distressed and veiny. It can not get worse even after long time use. The color is not as good as the pictures shown on this forum:sad: I am wondering if I should return it. What should I do? Any one know about the return policy? Thanks.
  2. Did you get it at Balenciaga store NY? If Yes, you can return it within 10 days, but you only get store credit...
  3. If you dont like it return it.
  4. Can you post a photo of yours? I'd just like to compare it to mine. I got my Ink from the NY store as well and it's a little veiny but it doesn't look distressed. What is it about the color that looks different?
  5. Yes, I got it from Balenciaga NY store and Joseph was the SA. Unfortunately, I have not taken a picture of it. I will post it once I have taken the picture. The color looks like fading away especially on handles and edges. I really don't know if it will make a difference if I exchange it for another ink city from the store. This one is authentic anyway. And I have no idea what is the other color that I like. But I am sure I don't like veiny leather like this. I wish they can do refund. Really need help. I received the bag last Thuresday, so if return I need to make a quick decision.
  6. ^ you could always take the store credit and wait for f/w 06 colors :smile:
  7. please post a pic, i would love to see too. i could compare it to mine, Mine came from a fashion spot member who said she looked at over two dozen bags before picking this one out, so that leads me to believe the the variations in the ink color, texture, veins, are pretty wide. if you dont love it, definitely take it back though while you still can.
  8. hey ya!
    if you're not happy with it, i'd say return it! you have to own a b-bag that you totally love!!!!
    good luck and let us know what you decide! :smile:
  9. i have a work that was very veiny at first... i used it for two weeks, and then i also conditioned it with applegarde and its super soft and less veiny now. :smile:
  10. Just wondering if the leather on your ink seems "crinkly" to you? Mine is veiny as well and doesn't seem to be as soft as my other bag.
  11. There's variations on leather texture these last couple of seasons. My 06 ink is matte and relatively smooth compared to my 05 rouge. Though as I wear my rouge more (and condition it with apple care), it's getting softer and smooshy-er
  12. Yes, mine was veiny and crinkly, and it has become this soft, luscious leather... Look!!

    OK, that pic makes it look really veiny, but it's not, I swear!!!!
  13. Hey all,

    I carry the Ink Medium Motorcycle and actually went out of my way to find the most distressed, veiny, crinkly bag possible! With time the texture does tend to smooth out and the distressed veiny look gets much smoother! I don't want to wait for that...I LOVE my bag the way it is!:P

    As far as the smooth goes...I bought one from the NY Balenciaga & mine from Saks...they just came from different lot numbers...the one I got from Balenciaga is smooth and seems to be thicker like the older leather...since I didn't return it in time to make my mind up...I am just going to sell it, but it is all personal preference!:biggrin:

    Alright I am going to try to get a pic of my super crinkly, distressed, veiny, FAVORITE Ink Balenciaga up! Now lets just see if I can do it...:lol:
    my bal.jpg
  14. i did not know Saks carried bal bags. which branch did u get it at?