The ultimate loot!

  1. So, aften five months in the wait, my Haute Maroquinerie was finally done and I was off to Paris for a pickup. A long day it has been, but it has been wonderful and the loot my best EVER!

    Please enjoy the insta-reveals!
  2. Really feeling the traditional colours, so two sweet bracelets are first off....

  3. Ready
  4. Then, a pair of mens monte carlo loafers for casual walking....

  5. Then, a moka/black reversible belt so my pants don't fall off ;)....

  6. The ULTiMATE find as they first told me the Sac Plat in Moka Nomade from the mans line was inpossible to get a hold of... This one is SO beautiful!

  7. Everything is beautiful congratulations
  8. And, at last, The piece de resistance - After FIVE months wait, my Haute Maroquinerie Lockit PM in brun veau ecorce leather with tabac goatskin interiour..... Enjoy!

  9. A family photo

  10. AND - my name inside the Haute Maroquinerie! LVoe it!!!

  11. :biggrin: yay big congrats on this one. Most feel really good that the wait is finally over.

    Enjoy all your new and wonderful goodies :roflmfao:
  12. Thank you! I am super content with it all!
  13. Everything is sooo gorgeous - you have exquisite taste! Congratulations!
  14. Beautiful things! Congrats!
  15. Wow...Amazing!!! Huge congrats on your haul!!! :biggrin: