The Ultimate Chloe Susan/Susanna/Suzanna Studded Boots thread

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  1. Black with gold are a necessity
    Do you have the box and they’re authentic? I honestly wouldn’t worry. I currently have 8 pair and don’t have ID cards. I have sold a few pair and it was never an issue.
    I just checked my sizes-half are 38..5 and half are 39. Both fit fine-I think we’re about the same size.
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  2. 22248A0F-92E8-4EF6-BD60-BABBE85E2E89.jpeg 70086325-3F56-4C69-927E-5E2F64BADA5F.jpeg 548855B9-E20A-4BE0-AC77-8D54F554DD73.jpeg C7B48A89-C3F3-4C0C-969E-34D30866F79A.jpeg
    Thank you for your opinion.

    I have no doubt they are authentic. I‘ve bought them from Fashionette and had never any bad experience in the past.
    I have the box and the dustbags and compared everything with the reef shell pair I received yesterday. No difference despite color and size.

    Our sizing seems to be the same, oh yes. :smile:

    As you have so many pairs: what was your experience regarding stretching over time?

    Did the 38.5 feel tight at the beginning?

    I tried nudes on again today and it is still a snug fit but much better than yesterday. Maybe I was right and swollen feet at the end of a very hot day made it worse.

    At the moment I could were the 38.5 with nylon socks and the 39 with sneaker socks comfortably.
  3. They absolutely will stretch. The leather is pretty soft and giving. You will be fine!
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  4. I wore my nude Susannas today for the first time asking myself why I haven’t bought them years ago!

    They are so pretty! In the past I thought they are way too extraordinary for me but although they look that special they are very clean and classy. Does this make sense? :hrmm::biggrin:

    Literally I could pick the most boring piece of clothing out of my closet and combined with the Susannas it would be elevated instantly to an outfit.

    I totally understand why these shoes are still around after 11 years. They look like a trend piece but they are beautiful classics.

    Btw: the beige pair still sits tight but after just 30 minutes walking they already seem to stretch a bit.
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  5. I stretched the brown maple with thick socks and they’re perfect now. Hardware is actually gold, and they were under $500. Crazy deal.

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  6. Really? Gold?

    I am such an idiot! :amazed:

    Enjoy your new boots, they are beautiful! :heart:
  7. see if they still have any !!!
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    Last edited: Jun 22, 2019
    Sorry for the delay, I left this important job for the WE. Luckily I went a half size up. 38.5. They are a perfect fit. I can slip them on and off without unzipping. A half size down and I would have have blister on my right pinkie. No, thank you.
    They are lovely! They may just be the most versatile shoes I own. When I first opened the box I thought: "Oh, this is... eccentric..." (I don't have anything snake print or animal print.) Now I love them and I know I will wear them to death. They can offset any "good girl" outfit. Perfect.

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  9. I'm joining the club, black gold ones are now on -30% sale and with a code I got -10% more! :smile:
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  10. Are you in the US? In Europe, I don't see the same thing;(
  11. Debating if I should keep this pair or not.

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  12. I'm also European!
  13. Echoing what so many have said here before: Chloe Susannas are HUGE.
    I'm a 37.5 in all shoes ( Gucci, Miu Miu, Grenson, YSL, Church's, Chanel, Manolos, See by Chloe etc etc) except Louboutin, Isabel Marant, Rag & Bone and APC, when I'm a 38, and Acne, where I'm a 37. I can always buy shoes online on that basis without trying them on, safe in the knowledge they'll fit. These are a whole other story. Having sent two pairs back to Net-a-Porter (who say in the description that they fit true to size - this is crazy), I gave up and went to Liberty to try them on. I ended up with a 36.5, which fitted perfectly and stretched comfortably and quickly. I haven't worn shoes in this size since I was a child. It's crazy. Save yourself the pain of sending back repeatedly - don't even bother trying in your usual size.

    1. What colour boots do you have? BLACK WITH GOLD STUDS.
    2. Which year are they from (i.e. original Susan's from 2008 in lambskin or reissued Susanna's from 2011/2012 in calf leather)? 2019.
    3. Where did you buy yours? LIBERTY LONDON.
    4. Do you find they run TTS? THEY ARE HUGE.
    5. Did you size down/up? TOOK A WHOLE SIZE DOWN.
    6. Have your boots stretched since you first bought them? YES, COMFORTABLY RATHER THAN EXCESSIVELY.
    7. Do you require insoles/heel grips? NO.
    8. If you have them in different colours, which are your favourites and/or which colour do you wear most?
    9. What is your height/build? Do you find them flattering? 5,3", PETITE BUILD. YES, THEY'RE FLATTERING, BUT NOT AS LEG FLATTERING AS SAY, ACNE PISTOLS.
    10. What do you wear yours with? Please feel free to post pictures of your outfit in this Chloe Susan/Susanna outfit thread HERE. THEY LOOK GREAT WITH MAXI DRESSES, JEANS, SHORTS, MINIS, SLOPPY SWEATERS AND TIGHTS. I THINK THE ONLY THING THEY DON'T LOOK GREAT WITH IS MIDI LENGTH DRESSES AND SKIRTS.
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  14. I have to disagree. I'm a true 37 in EVERYTHING that is TTS, and I find the 37s in the Susannas are by far the best fit. I have a size 36.5 that I make work, but they are noticeabley on the tight side, so I wear them for shorter excursions.
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  15. I have the Givenchy Prue studded boots, I’m usually a UK size 5 or a 38, with very slightly wide feet but had to size down to 37.

    I’m wondering whether I need to do the same with the Susanna’s - does anyone have both, and could advise how the sizing compares please?