the true SO or SE do they make them ??

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Jan 17, 2009
i know all horse shoe bags are SO and i am waiting on a little one of my own but.... what does it take for H to make true true special edition bag like the ones on the widow displays some women have them made. i mean some resellers have them made i ask every time i go into the shop in paris new york las vegas mexico city monaco luxembourg everywhere what does it take will they ever make such bags for costumers.

So may i suggest we talk and mention the bags we dream H would make us or the ones we are willing to have made custom because we know h will never ! .... heres my list

evelyne with fringes some time ago i was offered a trim but in doblis so i passed stupid me but the evelyne in leather like the one o the maria felix homage display at FSH wow !!!

birkin zebra or kelly leopard if ever and if not at least an explanation of how this bag ends up on ebay !

suede croc jypsiere or anything really suede croc ! wow

and maybe just because im feeling a bit demanding a sheerling or dare i say ugg birkin like the kellys JPG once made.

a matte croc supple bolide 35cm or Garden party ...

hope you can join in if not .... do any of you on the forum have very rare odd FSH window display bags ??


Oct 27, 2008
I would love a sellier Kelly made with silk twill in place of toile. I'd never use it, just put it on a pedestal. The leather would be VN with contrast stitching.

I'm simple. That's about as extreme as I'd go from my normal ultra-traditional H bags (barenia/toile, rouge h chamonix, black box, etc.)
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