The Tribute, Any Rumors on Who's Getting One? Anyone Here Actually Getting One?

  1. I'm dying to know!! Who's getting one!!?? Not my taste, but being an absolute LVaholic, I'm so curious!
  2. I'd love to know as well! :p
  3. I really want to know aswell! i don't really like it but if i saw someone on the street i would stalk them for a while to get a look and maybe ask to look at it! at the end of the day its loads of bags in one! so it would save me running after everyone else aha i'm a nerd !:blink: :rochard:
  4. :yes:
  5. Not me LOL
  6. I doubt it, there were only 6 made, and they are sold out
  7. I'd actually be kind of surprised if anyone here got one! I mean, I know some people here love it, but I couldn't see any of the ladies here getting seems more like a celebrity thing to me (because they have hundreds of millions! :p) I'm not saying that no one can afford it here (I'm sure, with the amount of money spend per MONTH on LV, a lot of ladies here can!) but it's just that...I can't see any of us getting one!

    P.S. I think for most of us, we'd rather spend the $50,000 on multiple bags!
  8. I'm agreed, I don't think in my wildest dreams, that I will ever see one of these sets IRL.
  9. Well in one of the papers, it said someone in NYC was getting one and she isn't a celebrity. So maybe it is one of us?!
  10. That bag's wayyyyy outta my reach lol, but I think I read somewhere that Kimora Lee Simon's getting hers and I dunno anyone here on tPF who's interested.....

  11. I thought they made 24???
  12. ya I think so too. There were a total of 24 made, but only 4 is coming to USA... or that's what I read...:yes:
  13. I am so out of the loop here.. anyone have pics? is it one the webpage?
    EDIT: I just looked it up .. it is hidious!! it is hard to believe that a company that can produce such beautifull and classic bags can make something that .. that tacky!
  14. They made more. I have a girl friend that is beyond wealthy, she called me the other day and got hers.
  15. I think if any TPFers had ordered one they would have posted about putting the $25k down already. I'm suprised KLS got one, she seems to have a pretty collection more than just a LE collection.