The travelling bangle

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  1. This is a new thread about a travelling bangle.

    Her name is "Courage" and she will be sent to several members of the "Jade Thread" who decided to take part.

    The members are Molly, Claire, AJ, Junkenpo, Red and Udalrike.
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    Here is good advice from an administrator:
    It is completely out of the responsibility of Purseforum should the bangle be lost.
    This is PURELY a member-organized event.
    We should be sure to have all the member information private.
    So if members post pictures of the packaging etc. their home information should not be included in the photo or be blocked out.
  3. Have fun, ladies!
    Now we are waiting for Molly to receive Courage.
  4. I wrote a poem for our bangle:


    Carved from the rough, our jade
    bangle begins her journey. Worn
    on bare arm, cool skin to skin,
    one sister to another. So many

    wishes and so many hopes,
    we wear Courage for the world
    to see. Inside and out, we are strong.
    Every day the sun rises a little higher.

    Eileen Chong
  5. Dear Eileen, it is a great and encouraging poem! Thanks so much!!!!
  6. Here she is:


    So beautiful.
  7. Many thanks to Nandar of Ultimate Jadeite for donating Courage to us Jade sisters in our time of difficulty and personal struggle.

  8. I love this poem! Love, love, love it!
  9. Thank you, JKP.
  10. Wow! This is so exciting!!! What a beautiful bangle!!!

    Red, LOVE your poem. I'll make sure it accompanies "Courage" on her journey around the world.
  11. What an amazing idea ladies! My mom is a big fan of jade and she always said jade bangles blends in you and carries your chi.

    I am curious, how do you ladies get one bangle that fit all?
  12. Bougain, we just took a bangle with a bigger diameter!
    Does your mother wear a jade bangle permanently?
  13. Heard from Nandar and our "Courage" is enroute! :yahoo:
    She left home on Sept 25th.
  14. Wooohoooo!

  15. Ah ha!

    Yea. She has one she wears daily. But she has a few others. I have one hetian nephrite as well :smile: