The Sunset is Tempting... but...

  1. I played with the Sunset clutch today in this lovely color


    It seems like the perfect going out special night/occasion bag, love the detachable handle and chain, etc. I even loved it in perle better than amarante (no fingerprints).

    But I have repeatedly heard that perle is vulnerable to color transfer, AND that it even yellows over time! Ugh.

    So my real question is : does anyone know if this is a new permanent style, so I can wait for another light color (framboise!) ?

    Or should I get the perle? Perle owners please weigh in...
  2. If only they would make this bag in damier azur!!!
  3. Personally, I would be too afraid of getting it in Perle because of the color transfer and now I'm even more convinced that it is not convenient learning that it turns yellow over time.
  4. I have a cell charm in perle and it got yellow before I had it for too long. So I am skeptical about getting perle bags. They are beautiful when shiny new though!
  5. Yes, this is a permanent style.
  6. I vaguely recall news of it coming out in Pomme too, but don't take my word for it :p...if it does I would so :drool:. My Perle roxy hasn't yellowed yet, after 6 months (in 12 outings I think...). I've always said colour transfer isn't a concern for me, cos my habits with my bags don't include setting them on printed materials nor the floor, nor are they constantly in contact with my jeans.
  7. I would ask about the Framboise, that sounds very interesting!
  8. I really don't see the Sunset coming out in any other colors except for ones being introduced in the future :sad: It's a little concerning that they didn't release the new bags in noisette- I hope they're not phasing it out....
  9. Permanent style, but I'd be afraid of Perle too. I only have one Perle piece, the heart coin purse, and would be afraid of the bags. They just seem kind of risky.
  10. I Love it in Perle!
    But i would be to worried about the whol colour transfer thing!
    I think i heard some thing about Sunset coming out in pomme? But since the Sunset is a permenant line why don't you wait and see what new colours eventually come out for vernis?
  11. I have a perle cles for 2 years and I haven't seen anything wrong with it. I do have to admit though, the corners have very minor red stain because I use it everyday and being tossed around in my bag with red lining. I'm pretty proud of myself that the cles hasn't turned pink yet lol.

    In other words, I wouldn't mind getting a perle bag. Afterall I wouldn't be tossing it around like a cles. Especially the sunset... I mean it's really not an everyday bag anyway.

    Regarding color change (to yellow)... well true, there're so many people out there who have discolored pieces (pink to orange, baby blue to green)... I am fortunate enough that none of these have happened to me. I have a lavender piece from 4 years ago and I can't find a single discolored spot on it.
  12. I asked at the store and my SA told me, that's really a big problem with colour transfer with the Perle colour! And it yellows over time.:sad:

  13. Well I have posted this many times but I got the pearl agenda and carried it in my pomme Roxbury but it was pink along the spine in less than 2 weeks so from now on I will stay clear of pearl despite hoe gorgeous it is. :sad:
  14. I'd love to own it in Pomme. :graucho:
  15. I bet the next vernis color will be something lighter... I will just wait. Or check it out in pomme, if that happens.