The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

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  1. This is another one of those, "Oh my God, this kid's show is quite funny!" type shows.

    Last night there was nothing else on and I found myself watching this.

    I'm familar with Dylan and Cole Sprouse. They played Ben on Friends (I remember when Ben repeatedly said "Crap" because Rachel said it in front of him) and they were Frankenstein in the movie Big Daddy ("I wipe my own ass! I wipe my own ass!").

    I like Ashley Tisdale in the High School Musical movies, and was pleasantly surprised to find out she was in this show, too.

    Dylan Sprouse and Cole Sprouse star as 14-year-olds whose lives change when their single mom gets a job as the headlining singer at Boston's swankiest hotel and, as part of her contract, an upper floor suite in which they all now live. Ashley Tisdale stars as the hotel's teenage gift shop clerk and part-time babysitter who foils the twins' antics; Brenda Song stars as the hotel owner's spoiled daughter; Kim Rhodes stars as the twin's mother and Phill Lewis stars as the hotel manager. While mom works to keep them in line, the twins are elated with the amenities of their new home, especially room service, a swimming pool, a game room and a candy counter.

  2. Cody: Mom! Why can't you drive us to the playground?
    Carey: Because I have to rehearse new choreography for my next show. Mr. Moseby thinks I need younger moves.
    [Carey does weird dance that she thinks is cool]
    Carey: What do you think?
    Zack: I think you should never do that in public.
    Cody: Or in private.

    Cody: I'm sleeping over at Tapeworm's tonight.
    Carey: [To Zack] And you aren't?
    Zack: Uh, no, we got in a fight.
    Carey: You and Tapeworm?
    Cody: Me and Zack.
    Carey: [To Cody] Are you wearing lipstick?
    Zack That's what the fight was about. I put lipstick on him while he was taking a nap.
    Carey: That wasn't very nice. And that's not your shade.
    Zack: I told you.

    Rebecca: So, Tyreesha, what do you want to be when you grow up?
    Cody: [Is acting as Tyreesha for the whole scene] Oh, I'm gonna be a hockey player.
    [All the girls look at him funny]
    Or a princess! Whichever pays better.
    Rebecca: I'm going to open a free animal shelter for underprivilged pets.
    Cody: I think that's beautiful.
    Rebecca: Thanks! I need to start saving for vet school now. [Whispering] That's the only reason why I'm dong the pageant. [Stops whispering] So, what are you doing it for?
    Cody: Oh, I'm doing it so I can buy some bikes.
    [Rebecca looks at him sadly]
    For underpriviledged pets!

    Zack: Dude you so are gonna win those bikes!
    Cody: No I'm not!
    Zack: Come on you gotta have confidence. You're such a loser. What's wrong with you?

    Esteban: Mr. Moesby! The hotel inspector will be here any minute for the surprise inspection!
    Mr. Moesby: How is it a surprise inspection?
    Esteban: Because they sent the fax two weeks ago and I am just telling you now! Surprise!

    Zack: I'm gonna take my bath now.
    Cody: And I'm gonna brush my teeth, to prevent dental decay and...[Zack yanks him into the bathroom and closes the door. Then Cody turns on the bathtub faucet] I have one question about this. What if we get caught? Moseby will fire Mom.
    Zack: [Rips off regular clothes to reveal the mini tuxedo he's wearing underneath] Who cares? With 20 grand, we could buy the hotel and then fire Moseby.
    Cody: Good point.
    Zack: Now I need exactly 35 minutes. Get there, get the picture of the kiss, and get back.
    Cody: Right. You wanna synchronize watches.
    Zack: I don't have a watch.
    Cody: Then we won't do that.

    Zack and Cody: [Singing] We're Rich! We're Rich! We're Rich! We're R...
    Chuck: Not Quite! Not Quite! No one is getting into that wedding without a printed invitation.
    London: Except for me. Little me, back from, Paris.
    Hello, Maddie
    Maddie: Hi, London.
    London: And look, while I was in Europe, you got promoted to candy girl. Brava!
    Zack: How are you gonna get in?
    London: My daddy owns the hotel, duh!
    [Zack and Cody get excited]
    Zack: Can you get us in?
    London: Of course...
    [Zack and Cody get more excited]
    But I'm not going to, DUH! I fly solo.
    Maddie: Oh, like the time you let yourself in the rockstar's room with the master key.
    London: Johnny Ripp thought that was endearing. He even wrote me.
    Maddie: That was a restraining order.

    Carey: Hey, guys.
    Zack: Mom! We're gonna be on TV!
    Carey: Oh, boy. What did you set on fire?
    Zack: Nothing. Max and I signed up for the Go Dance competition.
    Carey: Oh, The Go Dance USA, good for you!
    Zack: Yeah, We'll going to be on Go Dance. So we need to practice for a couple of minutes.
    Max: Oh, It's gonna be a lot more than a couple of minutes. Dancing is work. Organizing, ruling work.

    Carey: You know Zack, you do realize that there is a bit of an age difference between you and Maddie?
    Zack: So, when I'm 17 she'll be 20. We can get married in 48 states... plus Guam... I checked.

    Carey: Did I ever tell you about when I was in my first band?
    Zack: Yes.
    Carey: And how we couldn't work together and eventually broke up?
    Zack: Yes. And then your boyfriend stole your car and ran off with your best friend.
    Carey: Yeah yeah okay. And what did we learn from that story?
    Zack: You need to pick better men?
  3. I love this show! It's so cute and funny. My favorite character is London Tipton.
  4. I watch it all the time. And Hannah Montana too. They both crack me up.
  5. ^^^^ God can my daughter come and live with you?

    She loves all these programmes but her brother (he's 4) just hates them, they cause more arguments than anything else!
  6. i watch it all the time. its not one of my faves...but i still watch it...for some reason. everyone says i look like brenda song.
  7. I was going to post a thread about this too lol.

    I seriously cannot believe that I thoroughly love this show. I hate pretty much almost all of the Disney channel's craptacular excuse for children's entertainment these days. I just watched an episode of this show today and I cackled so freakin' loudly/hard. I'm incredibly shocked that this is funnier than most adult sitcoms and comedy stations. Their jokes are generally quite clever too.
  8. I hate that show... well I hate every single Disney Channel show with human actors, animal actors... everything that is not drawn.
  9. Me too. I am such a dork.
  10. same i love suite life and hannah montana
  11. I'm in the Dork Club too! I watch it with my boys. They love it and they are 10 and 12! So glad they have a fun classic sitcom to watch.
  12. I'll admit I've watched this a few times and have to agree, it's funny!!!
  13. DD loves this show. I love Brenda Song, she is so cute and funny