The stitching is coming out on my Signature Stripe Tote!!

  1. :crybaby: On my blue reversible sig. stripe tote, the inside pocket where the serial # is, is falling apart! I have rarely used it and since my mom bought it for me about a year ago I don't know what to do. Can I take it to Coach and see what they will do for me? I love this bag and it looks fine when it's not turned inside out, but I love the way it looks with the blue, and the Sig. c stripe. But theres a HUGE hole in the pocket.

    any suggestions????

  2. I'd first call Coach and ask if they can do anything about it, if no, ask if at least the Coach boutique can do anything. Good luck!
  3. Call Coach 1-800 # see if they can help you out....
  4. I would take it in so the SAs can see what happened. Hopefully they'll replace it (or repair it) for you!