The Steamer

  1. So I was reading this thread

    And I just thought it interesting that the Steamer Bag is considered an "It" bag (not according to me BTW). Icon yes. It Bag no.

    Does anyone here own one? Pictures? Do you use it only for travel? I do love it, but it's one of those love from afar type of affairs.
  2. I seem to recall someone having one...I would love one....someday...
  3. Oooo I'd love to see some pictures.
  4. I've heard of peeps buying the v. expensive bags but met no one IRL.
  5. [​IMG]

    Here is a pic of my steamer. I only use it for longer trips as it can hold at least a weeks worth of clothing. I love it, it can be thrown around, folded and always comes out just fine! A little pricey at $3050 but still worth it. it is an "it" luggage piece because it will forever reamin timeless and trendy. There are people with keepalls all over, but a steamer is rare.
  6. A nice piece of luggage...but I wouldn't consider it an "IT" bag.
  7. Is that a vintage steamer (the mono canvas looks a but more "vintagey")? It is GORGEOUS! more Iconic than "IT" though.
  8. I love the steamer:heart:
  9. Not an IT bag no, great, iconic bag, certainly yes.
  10. I have a Steamer, however I think In Style got "IT" wrong.. The Steamer is for sure Iconic....
  11. I wan't a Nomade leather one but its 10k:sad:
  12. I want one.
  13. Yes nice piece but I personally wouldn't buy it.
  14. Just look at that patina! I love the look of bags that have obviously been used and enjoyed (not abused). The steamer is more iconic than just being an IT.
  15. I think this bag is one kind of the stearmer bags, so maybe...they were talking about this bag? :shrugs:?