The start of something beautiful...

  1. I am a coach newbie...this is my start...
    collection.jpg closeup1.jpg closeup2.jpg closeup3.jpg
  2. super cute owl!
  3. The owl key fob is very cute.:smile:
  4. Nice collection - very colorful! I agree with the others, that owl is really adorable!
  5. What a cute collection!!! :love:
    Thanks for sharing. :flowers:
  6. nice collection
  7. Great collection- love the leather and suede bags!
  8. Nice stuff!
  9. Very nice! Thanks for sharing! :smile:
  10. very nice!
  11. nice start!!!
    Love the "coach" keychain
  12. thanks everyone. :smile:
  13. updates to my collection. I found all these on eBay. I love finding great deals!;)
    charms.jpg woolie.jpg wallet.jpg
  14. You just have the cutest keyfobs, don't you? :love: I have the goldfish one too! I've never seen the owl one before, it's too cute!
  15. Great collection!