.......... The Spring 2013 scarves ..........

  1. So it's gorgeous on you - but don't you have another shawl with a similar palette?
  2. Carlinha, the yellows and neutral borders are radiant on you but I do see your hesitation with the darker middle. Do you "feel" beautiful in it? If not, say bye-bye.
  3. Nice color! I am waiting for this one to try it on. I am in the spring spirit and need something bright as well. :graucho:
  4. I agree with what you're saying, glamourbag, the design does seem to get lost in the folds, but I'm wondering if a different, more varied colorway might work better, because then maybe we can see more of what's going on in the design?
  5. OMG! My advice is: keep, keep, keep!

    I love this and will be getting it FOR SURE!
  6. Yes, you might have a point. Actually, I hope you are right as I find this is kind of sad. I was so looking forward...the print is SO busy and has such great attention to detail, but now all that work seems to be lost, unless one wears it in an "over the shoulder" fashion. The border is pretty but really it is just a solid line...its the flowers and critters I wished would show more. But I guess that is what happens when the print isnt carried straight out to the edge... This is also what I fear I will find to be the case with the Graff shawl. All the graffiti work is lost and the remaining visual is only the solid color border...:smile:
  7. Thank you for posting the RED coloration, while Red doesn't look good on me, I bet this one is thrilling in person!
  8. Carlinha, thank you for your great modeling shots. I like it on you and it is somewhat different than your other GMs - a nice variety! In my opinion, it looks better tied - luckily we wear these and hence its beautiful side shows - and the yellow hem is lovely. If you can and are near a boutique, I would try out other colors. Does one still have 30 days to return charge sends?
  9. OMG my heart leaped into my throat!!! AMAZING!!!! omg i LOVE these colors!!! thank you for sharing pursemania!!!! :loveeyes: by the way is this a 90 silk or GM shawl? i am having a hard time telling from the pic. thank you![/QUOTE]

    carlinha - this is a GM shawl - it would go perfectly with all your bright cdcs and bags. As much as I try to buy neutrals, I keep buying bright colors.

    Also, I would say the predominant color is bright orange, not red. Most of the red is in the border. Really a happy shawl.

    Thanks all for the nice comments.
  10. I am the one who said that it has grandmotherly feel but like you (and rosenrot) mentioned it is a happy GM.
    Congrats on your beautiful GM, hope it will always uplift your mood when you need it.:flowers:
  11. For those of you who were interested in the Equateur, mine finally came today. This was my season must have, in CW 18. It really is quite fantastic IRL and will just be the statement piece with a simple outfit (though DH bought some green onyx cocktail earrings for me that will just be amazing with this scarf!).

    Upon opening the box, I knew it would be amazing:

    (sorry but light streaming in from the left - I need to find a better place to photograph)

    Some details:

  12. More details





    Tied with Perfore Scarf ring (as a summer twill, it fits and it's great):

  13. Finally, as a treat, I got a booklet of the SS13 scarves. Not the old small one they issued each season. Maybe this is the new version, as I read somewhere that the small scarf booklet has been retired (not sure if this is true?). It's an A4 format, magazine type book called Folle de Soie (Wild Silk) with the scarves photographed together (versus individually). One scarf I haven't seen on the SS13 thread is the Les Bolides, so herewith a preview:

  14. Julian.f congrats on your stunning Equateur, can't wait to see all other cw!! Thanks for your updates about new SS13 scarf booklet, hope the small one is not retired, it was nice in format and colorfull IMO !
  15. Your Equator scarf is beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing this information about the scarf booklet. Do you find the Folle de Soie to have more scarf information than the small booklet (especially the stories that used to go with each scarf? I miss that) ? Which one do you prefer?