The SONATINE Club!!!

  1. I know there are tPFers out there with Sonatines!! :graucho:

    I'll post pics of my mom's soon! [as soon as I find out where she hid it..:rolleyes:]
  2. I :heart: Sonatine! I almost bought it as my 1st LV :smile:
  3. ^ It was my mom's first! :smile:
  4. The Sonatine was my first LV. It was love at first site and it started the addiction.
  6. OMG.. ME too.. I loved the red interior... I will post pics when I get home.
  7. ^ Oh, I know! The raspberry alacantra lining is just TDF!

    Wow, I didn't know there were so many of you that had the Sonatine as your first LV!
  8. Here are pics of my mom's Sonatine:




    I never noticed her handles were starting to patina already... :nuts:
  9. Here's my Sonatine!

  10. boy, sonatine doesn't appear to be a popular bag here. well, add me in the club, i have one, have had it for a few years the time i really wanted a papillon but it was always sold out in my boutique so my sa suggested the sonatine.
    collection 002.jpg
  11. Yay, two new members!! :nuts:

    Yeah, it isn't very common is it? :sad:

    Beautiful bags, though!
  12. Actually A lot of people seem to have had them as their first LV! (according to the people who posted in my new bag thread) but you never see them! I like it 'cause people don't think it's fake :smile:
  13. I bought one for my teenage daughter who just loves it...too bad that my LV wallet is longer than the opening of the bag or I would have purchased two....
  14. I like the Pochette better for a small bag, but the Sonatine is much more rare! It looks so classy.
  15. has the sonatine been discontinued??
    I dont see it online anymore.:confused1: