The solution!

  1. Okay ladies I have been obsessed with finding a pair of flat military style boots that would be versatile, slightly bad-ass but not too aggressive for work(I'm currently teaching middle school). I was drooling over some of the new offerings from frye as well as the usual suspects(JChoo, LF, MiuMiu, etc.) but I am saving up for my first Mj bag so I had to find something that wouldn't break the bank. After weeks of searching on line(with little luck from Zappos) I found them and I felt I needed to share. Here is the pic from Lori's Shoes web site:

    Also FYI you can get 20% of with code 'TOUTIE"

    hmmmmmm the pics are not showing up, I guess I don't know how to do that. . .well you can see them at:

  2. Very hot! I like how from one angle they look equestrian and from another they look biker. I got these recently for the same reason you got yours:
    There's also a version that only has the one buckle at the ankle. They only come up mid-calf, so I was thinking about getting another pair that go up to the knee. How high are your Fabio Rusconis?
  3. Yay for finding our ideal equestrian-military-biker boots!

    To answer the former Q., my FR's are 16.5 inches tall, I adore them!
  4. I love these! Just what I have been looking for. Do they run pretty true to size in your opinion? Is the leather soft? Just wondering if they are comfortable too. Thanks!
  5. I found the sizing on these to be strange for Italian shoes. Mine are marked 38.5 and they really do fit like an American 8.5. Winter socks are even comfortable inside. Be forewarned that the calves run sightly narrow, but you can sort of tell that from the pics, and they have stretched out a bit since I first got them. I'm not sure If I could tuck jeans inside them comfortably. I have not tried though, so I can't say it's impossible. :heart: