The Smell of Leather

  1. I have noticed a couple posts lately that have talked about the yummy smell of a leather bag and I was just wondering..... do most of you notice the smell of your leather bags? I LOVE the smell of leather but I cant really smell my leather bags. I just bought a new E/W duffle in leather from the boutique and the smell is very faint (I can only smell it if I stick my nose directly on or in the bag) :sad:. I dont know if I have just gotten immune to the smell or if its just not real prominent any more. When I first started buying leather bags years ago I noticed the smell very strongly, especially in an enclosed car or other small space but the last couple years it seems like the smell is very faint. I want to be able to smell that yummy leather without sticking my nose on it :rolleyes:
  2. I've noticed that some of my bags smell and others don't. My "smelliest" bag is my whiskey shoulder bag. What's funny is my pond shoulder has almost no scent whatsoever. I have no idea why . . .
  3. my smelliest bag is also my oldest COACH:

    (pulled off eBay for reference)

    I bought it at an outlet in Puerto Rico about 4 years ago. I LOVE its smell.
  4. I wonder if it has something to do with the finish? So maybe a natural colored bag would have more of a smell than a colored one?
  5. Most of my leather bags have a nice smell but the whiskey shoulder is probably the most noticeable of mine.
  6. I haven't noticed the smell. I don't really sniff my bags either haha. I do notice the smell in the stores. Perhaps it is the type of leather, how much of it and if it's confined to a small space. First thing I think of is the leather in a new car. a whole lot of leather in a small space.
  7. I LOVE the smell of my legacy leather bags. I'm always smelling them. My whiskey and black shoulder bags smell the most, but, like willowsmom, my pond shoulder bag barely smells at all. Odd. But it's good to know that I'm not the only one smelling my leather bag. :wlae: I just LOVE the smell! :supacool:
  8. :yes: I agree with everyone, that my Pond doesn't really have too much of a smell... But OH, it FEELS lovely.... it is smoothly up very nicely....

    Bbags on the other hand...... the smell makes me :drool: :drool: :drool: ...

    I haven't notice as much of a leather smell on my Coach leather ones, I take that back - except my whiskey Mia, which has a bit of a leather scent to it... Maybe it depends on type of leather & dye??
  9. I don't know what kind of finishes have the strongest smell, but I used to work in a Wilson's leather (ages ago in college) and after a while I couldn't smell it at all, even when I entered the store. So it isn't likely to happen just from owning leather bags, but a person can become immune to the odor!
  10. My strongest smelling bag is my Carly. Everytime I get it out, I smell that heavenly leather smell! I love it!! And it feels as incredible as it smells!

  11. having nothing to do with the smell of leather I think its soo funyy you got this bag @ an outlet in PR i got the SAME BAG my 1st coach as well in the Coach store in puerto rico like 7-9 years ago! :smile: it smells great still and looks as good as the day i got it but i just had to say what a coincidence that was!! :smile:
  12. I am killing myself laughing!!!!
    You should start a thread: Post a pic of your smelliest coach bag!!!!
  13. i love the scent of leather so much... yumyum!
  14. My smelliest bag is my New Vintage Ergo Tote in Vachetta Leather. It has a beautiful rich smell.
  15. I like the smell of leather when it's faint... I have a pebbled leather duffle and the smell is so strong i smell it in my sleep and have nightmares about it!!! how do i get rid of it!!