**The Shoegasm's of a College Girl--A jamidee Collection Thread**

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  1. Stunning collection! I can't wait to see the rest!
  2. Very nice! Love them all!
  3. beautiful shoes! I especially like your Poseidon :yes: Thank you for sharing :biggrin:
  4. Wow those Pigalles!! Must've been a feat to strass patent!!
  5. My sexy pin up babies....

    Red/black lace Very Prive

  6. Even more!!! What a beautiful collection.
    I love the red/black lace yoyo zeppas. These are so pretty.
  7. Yay!!!!....
  8. I love these - sooooo sexy!
  9. all soo beautiful!!!
  10. is it normal for the lace to have those little balls?

  11. THATS WHAT I MEANT!! ahh!! YOYO ZEPPA! ruhh-tarded

  12. Yes definitely! It was my first project so I mistakenly used gemtac I still haven't replaced the missing crystals. :sad:
  13. I love your collection!
    your DIY and your purple posiden are gorgeous :tup:
  14. Updated pictures of the Volcano Pigalles...
    (after I realized that gemtac doesn't work so well on patent...I still need to fill in a few holes with a e-4000)


    If you look closely you can see some missing crystals :sad:
  15. My glitter babies!

    Titi Multi Glitter


    My favorite sensible pair...

    Black Patent Feticha... that heel just gets me.