The same old question but please help me choose between Caviar and Lambskin!

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Which leather?

  1. She is right you are 'sans elegance', go for Caviar!

  2. A bimbo should carry a Lambskin bag to make her look even more bimbo!

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  1. OK at the ripe old age of 29 (nearly 30), I am getting my first Chanel bag, LOL.

    My vendeuse lady from Rue Cambon phoned me this afternoon and told me that she feels really sorry for me :crybaby: that I still don't have a Chanel bag so she is giving me one as a Christmas present, LOL. To start my collection off, she is sending me a classic flap. Originally she was going to send me a lambskin one because it is 'tres classique et tu ne peux pas te tromper.'

    I agree that it's very classic and you cannot go wrong but since she is on the 'tu' terms with me, she told me that she realises that I am very 'sans elegance', LOL and she thought that it would be better to ask me first what leather I want it in.

    I would greatly appreaciate your valuable inputs, I need to give her a decision by 10am CET (4am Eastern Time) tomorrow! I will primarily be carry this around to work (and in public transport) so it should be logical to go for the Caviar but then the Lambskin is more classic and glossy. As you can see I am a bimbo who cannot make her mind up!

    P.S. The most important question on which I would like your opinion of is whether a black glossy classic flap looks better than a matte one or vice versa?
  2. my natural instinct is to say caviar since it is for work, but at the same time, the black lambskin is so glossy and smooth...
  3. The caviar just sounds more practical for you since you will be carrying it around to work and in public transportation. I have a red east-west flap in lambskin that i'm super careful about everytime I use it. I only take it out to dinner and such because I am afraid to scratch it.
  4. Thank you ladies for your opinions so far. Keep them coming! The more the merrier!

    Is there any preference between Caviar and Lambskin if I choose silver hardware?
  5. If you really love the lambskin and are not the type of person who worries about every little mark or scratch, then you might be fine with it. I have the jumbo flap in brown caviar and find it to be practically indestructable. It is not an everyday bag but it seems every time I take it out it bumps against doors and walls, falls over in the car, yet it still looks like the day I bought it. I am way too much of a perfectionist to own a lambskin bag.
  6. if you're going to be carrying the bag around on the tube/bus/etc, there is no question about it-- get the caviar. Its the more practical choice! also, i love the smoothness and the "gloss" of the lambskin but the caviar is more appropriate to bring to work i reckon? Less formal looking? Whatever it is you decide on getting, i'm sure you'll love it =)
  7. Have you considered the black crackled patent with silver chains? I was also debating between lambskin and caviar, but ended up with the patent as it offers both a luxurious look and low maintenance. I thought it was the perfect solution to the luxury vs. easy care dilemma. Whatever you decide you won't go wrong--a black classic flap is always a wonderful choice!
  8. Black Caviar is divine! You are so lucky!
  9. I have an old lambskin quilted bag (not sure the name ... it's an old style) and I find the stitching keeps the lambskin from getting too obviously scratched. It still looks good and I drag it everywhere!

    Caviar is a harder, sturdier bag and lambskin is softer and more mushy... as much as I know I should go for caviar in order to be practical, I find I always fall in love with the softer leather.
    For some reason, the caviar looks glossier to me... am I wrong?
    Can you please explain how you got so lucky to have a SA give you such a fabulous gift? :smile:

    Bottom line.... I guess the caviar is more practical but still very gorgeous so maybe you should get that one!
  10. LOL, I don't know how to put it...

    It started off in late Spring/early Summer, I asked for a Haute Couture dress. Whilst looking at the pattern book, the lady just asked me: do I have any Chanel bag. I said no because Chanel bags don't go Chanel couture (suit) that I have or pret pieces for that matter. She just said that may be I'll give you one to try out, LOL.

    So I went back to her last month to ask for a Couture coat so I suppose she remembered that I don't have a Chanel bag (I am not willing dish out for one using my own money, LOL) so I'm getting one for [free].

    Well it's not exactly free but I suppose more like a discount! So I am eyeing 3-4 S/S 2007 dresses (I don't think I'll buy through the normal boutique because I can ask for a discount with her) and I was thinking may be I should ask for a 2.55 with the cute plastic badges next :idea:, LOL!