the SAK handbags

  1. what do you think of them? i have two, a quilted satchel plus a matching wristlet both in leather. do they hold up well over the years?
  2. i have a quilted leather wristlet from the sak that i use as a makeup case. i've only been using it for about 4 months, but so far it's held up well. the leather wipes clean easily if i get any makeup on it.
  3. I have one, it's a cute striped hobo-style deal. I bought it several months ago, though, and I've never carried it. It's still hanging in my closet.
  4. I have a really nice quilted leather SAK bag with chain handle that I got for $13 on sale - I really think the SAK leather bags are a well-kept secret, they go on sale all the time for next to nothing and are so much nicer than most other bags in their price range.
  5. I definitely agree with you! Especially when they go on sale!
  6. I think they are great bags - some are really cute!
  7. I have seen the quilted leather SAK bags and wristlets. I was thinking of getting one to use as an evening bag. They're very cute for the price.
  8. Does anyone has any of the bags from the Peace Collection? They look pretty nice but I was wondering if it was worth the price although its for charity.