The Row. Any place to browse online?

  1. I know that Barney's is supposed to carry it, but Barney's here will not be open until later this fall. I don't think NM/Saks carry it.

    I'd like to browse. Any photos or places online where I can do that? I looked on awhile back but I didn't see it on there. Thanks!
  2. isn't that the Olsen Twins new line? i have not seen it anywhere.

    oh wait i think i read NM will carry it. perhaps it is not in stock yet.
  3. Yes, it is one of their lines.

    They also have Elizabeth & James which will be carried at NM this fall. I am not sure about the Row though... I thought it was just Barney's or maybe BG but I can't be 100% sure on that.
  4. i am pretty sure i heard that NM or Saks will carry it. one of the two. it was an online news item i think. i am sure if you call they will tell you for certain. good luck!
  5. They have a few items on the Browns website, they are mainly just tshirts if i remember correctly.
  6. i actually love the row's items, i went to ny barneys and they don't have that many pieces but the ones they do have are simple, classic, made with top notch material, is a blog, if you search on there she links some pictures of items from the line, check it out, there stuff actually isn't too bad
  7. Thanks for the warning. Not a fan. :throwup: