The "Ross"

  1. Hello Everyone,

    Has anyone see the "Ross" bag for sale anywhere? I think I saw a black one about four months ago on the JC website but may have been mistaken. I missed this style the first time round (like a fool) and have been looking everywhere for one to come up for sale. If you see one please let me know.

    Thank you so much.

  2. Keep checking e-bay, every once in a while an authentic one shows up. I have the Ross in purple and love it. It' the perfect size. Good luck with your quest, if I run across one, I'll let you know.
  3. I love the Ross!:tup:

    When I was in my LV phase I (like a bozo) traded mine to my sister in law for an LV bag - Mistake!
    I truly regret letting that bag out of my collection and would buy that style again in a heartbeat!
  4. Ohhhh, you traded a Choo for an LV? That's like buying a Corvette when you could have a Viper!!!!!
  5. Thank you everyone for your help! I'm such a fool for not snapping it up when it first came out. V
  6. VKD
    It is a great bag. I have the Ross in green Python and it is the beSt bag ever. The size, weight, handles, and style beats all my other bags(LV, Hermes, chanel, gucci) hands down.

    I too am beating myself up because my SA called the other day about the last Croc Ross left and I did not get to call her back till the next day and then it was sold. I had seen it once before and it was a very dark brown croc that was shiny. I AM FURIOUS I MISSED THAT OPPORTUNITY!!!!!!:crybaby:
  7. :crybaby:Yes you're so right.
    Those were my "bag stupid adolescent days" ..if only I could turn back time...
  8. pm'd you
  9. A croc ross. Oh be still my heart. I bet it's divine. Here's hoping that whoever bought it puts it up on email for sale. I love the snake Ross bags - truly divine.

  10. Sorry - meant to say eBay!
  11. ^^ thats a Ramona, but thanks for the link
  12. Actually it isn't a Ramona. They had the wrong name on the listing. I e-mailed them and told them. But it isn't a Ross either... it is a Raisia. Looks like a Ross, but without the fold over top.
    Sooo there is a Raisia on e-bay at that link!
  13. Thank you so much everyone for posting the link and telling me about it. I can't believe it. I have not been on the forum for ages as I have been so busy at work and I missed it. It's a crying shame when work gets in the way of a shopping spree!! VKD