the right accessory for my speedy?! HELP!

  1. I'm having a problem
    For my birthday my aunt has agreed to get me one small LV thing
    (key holder, coin purse, key chain, agenda, ect.)
    So these are the ones I want most
    But remeber it has to look good with a speedy 25 mono
    Which one should I get? :graucho:

    My Favorite Choices:

    Groom Coin Purse

    Groom Key Holder (i think thats what its called) im new :graucho:

    Valentine thingy (if i can find one)

    Mono Key Holder

    Vernis in pomme key holder

    So which one do you think would look best with my speedy 25 mono?
  2. oooooo~~ groom coin purse!!!
  3. I'm a fan of the groom coin purse.. how about a vernis cles in pomme? ;)
  4. the groom round purse :smile: the other shape tends to dangle longer than the length of the bag.
  5. i think the vernis cles in pomme will look awesome on your mono speedy!
  6. ok can somebody tell me the price and show me a pic of the vernis cles in pomme?
  7. I think the vernis cles is $200.
  8. I LOVEEE the Coeur. If you can find one, definitely get that!

    Second choice would be a Pomme or Amarante Cles.

    Then Mono, then the Groom stuff.

    Have you considered an Azur cles?
  9. [​IMG]
    Picture of Pomme Vernis Cles.
    Price: $200 USD
  10. I'd get a pastilles charm! :biggrin:
  11. I like the Groom coin purse or Vernis cles.
  12. i love the key holder
    my brother's gf has it.
    and it's really cute. (:
  13. Hmmmm Groom Coin purse!
  14. no, im not too into the azur and damier :tdown:
  15. its cute but if i was going to spend that much on a key chain i would get the groom one :tup: