The Reva Flats: Gold Vs. Silver

  1. Im trying to decide between the gold and silver. What looks less flashy and what goes with more?? I love these shoes!:tup:
  2. Do you mean the metal logo? I have silver only cuz I love silver/white gold jewelry and thought it would "match" better.
  3. if you're looking for something with both, juicy couture makes a similar flat (elasticized back/hardware on top) that is silver leather with gold hardware.
  4. I have the gold revas with the gold logo. They're awesome :nuts: Sure, they're a bit flashy, but I wanted them to be :p I'm actually considering buying them in silver. Both colors are great.
  5. I love the gold revas. They go better with my beige sweaters. I also wear a lot of gold jewelry.
  6. I like the gold best!
  7. I only have the black, but if I got another pair I'd get gold.
  8. I have the silver - I love them - very cool looking.
  9. I only saw the gold/gold IRL and it's so pretty and comfy. It really depends on your preferrence on what color tp get. Bet. my gold and silver shoes (heels), I find that I wear my gold less.
  10. I saw a few reva flats on sale at Nordstrom last night. You might want to check it out because I saw both silver and gold on sale.
  11. I love the Gold Reva flats... it took me a while to start liking them now I'm at the point of craving a pair. I think it depends more on your skin tone and preference. While I prefer silver jewelery, I can't pull off large amounts of gold due to the golden tones of my skin.

  12. They have Revas in Chocolate calf hair (using restraint right now) and the silver glitter online.
  13. Are you sure? B/C I was there last week and I asked if the Revas were going to be on sale this week and they said NO.
  14. YES, I am sure. I even tried them on. Some styles I remember are silver glitter, red leather, and gold leather. They also had TB boots and the flats with the tassels. They might not have all the sizes though because they were all on the sale rack.

    I also saw some CL, Jimmy Choo and Miu Miu. It is worth taking a look. The location is SF Nordstrom.