the rag that comes with shining monkey?

  1. My shining monkey order came today and it came with a rag/towel. But, nowhere in the directions does it tell me how to use it or what to use it for. ANyone care to enlighten me?
  2. Did you purchase through I did and I got one of those electrostatic cloths with my can. I don't think it has anything to do with Shining just use it to clean/wipe dust off of stuff. Great for computer screens :smile:
  3. I didn't get a rag. But i ordered directly from them. I didn't think you needed one.
  4. I didnt get a rag either, mine came right from Shining monkey.
  5. yes, mine was from Amazon. electrostatic rag. awesome! heehee i love freebies. yay Amazon. ( i ordered from them bc s&h was cheaper than through the monkey site).
  6. I think it's for using it on cars. Remember that it was made first and foremost for cars. It would make sense as BF and his friends use special cloths for their cars.
  7. DH explained it to me. It's a "duster" for cars, computer screens, etc. He has a few in our car and wipes down the interior so it's nice and clean, etc. Can be used on computer moniters, etc. I don't know why i didn't just ask him first. lol

    Oh well. Still a freebie, and i love freebies
  8. Yeah, it is used for dusting.
  9. I ordered mine from Amazon and it came with the microfiber towel as well...I just use it to wipe down the hardware and the mono canvas of my lvs after I spray them with shining monkey...its a nice cloth!!!

    have you sprayed you bags yet?? I did it a couple days ago and it works really well!!
  10. no, i'm waiting for my appleguard conditioner to come first so i can use them together! :smile: