The Quick Chopper

  1. I don't know about the one you posted, but I have this one, from the pampered chef... I love it, it's great for quickly and finely chopping all kinds of things... I use if for onions garlic and herbs almost all the time!


    It's also manually operated... you just hit the big button on top over and over and your stuff is chopped... quite satisfying, actually, after a long day at work. :tup:
  2. I have the pampered chef one also - the clear plastic piece on the base cracked last time I was chopping something... so I have switched the 5 cup Immersion Blender from Wolfgang Puck (HSN) I love it! It chops great!! Perfect for smaller jobs that I don't want to dirty my Cuisnart for. My step-daughter has the Magic Bullet and that has come in handy for smoothies but IMO stinks for anything else.
  3. Ugghhh I had one of those Pampered Chef ones, but it got completely destroyed within a couple months. Some of their gadgets are great, but the rest always seem to spontaneously fall apart. It's really annoying. A good food processor is the way to go. They're sooo much more useful than any gadget IMO.

    eta- I just checked your link and I did have one of those choppers once upon a time. It was okay. It worked kind of like a mandolin slicer, except it catches the stuff you slice in the bowl underneath. It wasn't bad, but I wouldn't buy another one :shrugs:
  4. I also have the pampered chef one and I don't like it that much... I never use it. Maybe I should give it another try...
  5. Sorry to hear about the bad luck witht he pampered chef chopper. Now I'm a little worried about mine... I hope it doesn't break... i love it and use it quite a bit!
  6. i love my mini food processor for quick chopping. keeps my eyes from tearing with onions too :smile: