The Python Silverado

  1. A lovely and all-in-all beautiful bag, no?

    I would love to locate one somewhere besides eBay. Can anyone help me?

    Any and all tips, insights, ideas and suggestions (no matter how faint) would be truly loved! :smile:

    Thanks so much!
  2. [​IMG]


  3. Bluefly? The MP on this forum?
  4. Thank you so much Susie, I will try them... I would love to locate a brand-new one, as this has been my dream bag for a while and I have finally saved up enough cash. Any color, any size...

    I'll post some 'net pics of the bag for visual stimulation. Not like the real thing, even the pictures make my heart race. :smile:

  5. You and I are on the same page. eBay combined with authentication from this forum will probably be your best bet.
  6. Thanks sus, I don't have to have this one, I like ALL colors of python silverados... :yes::yes::yes:

    More pics to pass the time!

  7. Jmcadon's gorgeous bag...

  8. Pamella72's amazing one...

  9. Number one and two in the brown, especially the one NR is sporting. Dang why are you doing this to me? If I was going to buy a Silverado that's exactly the purse I would get. Balchefen, hello sell me YOURS!
  10. Hehe, I can totally relate... I myself love Pamella's the very most, but all are stunning...

    I'm gonna look for more pics today and post them so we can drool and cry susie :p :p
  11. The white one that Lindsay Lohan has is lovely. I wonder if she still has it?

  12. Can I join you in drooling....:sweatdrop::girlsigh:
  13. It looks like an exotic, enticing rolled pillow! More they cried, MORE!!
  14. a couple of mine


  15. the blue is stunning!