the Purse or the City?

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  1. I am considering making my first Balenciaga purchase and wanted your opinion- which one would you recommend between the Purse or the City/Medium? Ink (my SA called it indigo but I think its called ink) or cognac? I looked everything up on atelier.naff but would really appreciate any advice you could share! Thanks!!!
  2. jag, if it is going to be your first Balenciaga, I think you should pick the City. IMO the City is the nicest & coolest among all the Bbag styles :love: It holds quite a bit so this size is perfect as an everyday bag! My second favourite is classic(first), followed by Box.

    As for color, I've seen Ink IRL, it's a very very dark & deep indigo blue that is almost black...just like dark blue ink for fountain pens! :biggrin: very unique color IMO but given a choice, I'd pick black over ink. Not sure how cognac looks like but I have a Caramel City & that is one of my most used bags! Very neutral & versatile shade that goes well with my wardrobe. Cognac sounds like a shade that would be in the same color family as Caramel.

    btw, there's a City in Ink listed on eBay right now. Item #6856117993 Very nice & clear pics that shows the color very well.
  3. ^ Agree. Suggest the city for your first bag...
  4. The purse is a nice style, but I agree with the other folks ... for your first B-Bag, I would recommend the City (you can get the Purse for your 2nd bag!!).

    I've seen the Ink color a number of times now, and I'm NOT digging it at all. It looks like a big Black & Blue to me .. because that's exactly what it is ... Black & blue mixed together. Some of the bags have a more 'even' coloring, some don't ... so I supposed it kind of depends on the one that you're looking at.

    The "Cognac" that you refer to is actually called "Caramel", and it's a BEAUTIFUL color ... very versatile. I would highly recommend that color for your first bag. Yes, Black has become the 'classic' color, but in my opinion, everyone has the Black bag ... better to get something a little different but also that which you can wear night & day (jeans & dress-up).

    Good luck ... and join the club. Beware though ... you're going to get HOOKED!! :biggrin:
  5. I am defineteyl voting City. You cant go wrong.
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  6. I would definitely vote for the city over the purse! I have heard from numerous people that even though dimensionally the purse is larger, it does not hold as well as the city. So, it also depends on whether or not you carry a lot or not. I have not seen the purse in rl, so I would take all this with a pound of salt.

    As for color, I love "classic" colored purses, so I think that both the ink and black are classic, but then again so are white, caramel, etc.. etc.. Many people do have the black, a lot of people still want the black too... (e.g. people like myself!).

    Personally, I like the ink color, I don't find it blotchy or streaky. Most of the ink bags I have seen were not that way, but it wouldn't surprise me if some are either. Indigo is a very different color from ink and clearly bright deep bluish. Ink is more of a very dark blue that can be mistaken for black, it also has some purplish tones to it. Each bag definitely is different so I would get good pictures before buying.
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  7. Jag, I'm having the same problem! I really like the simple look of the purse, but I think the one I saw someone carrying was either the city or first. Can anyone post pics with them carrying the different styles? I think that would help us quite a bit. Thanks! =)
  8. my vote goes for the CITY! I think you can never go wrong with it - it's not too big nor small - just perfect!:idea:
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  9. i'm against the majority, i vote for the purse. the city is too wide in my opinion and looks slightly bulky. but this is only because i'm really super short...
  10. it depends on how much stuff you carry really... the purse is flat, so you cant really carry bulky items so well, wheras the city has so much dimension that it can fit just about everything you might need to cart around on an everyday basis.

    But the purse is really easy to wear because the handles fit perfectly and comfortably over your shoulder, while the city has a shorter handles that dont quite fit over my shoulder (at least not at first) but comes with a shoulder strap so it can be worn over the shoulder...

    -so I carry a lot of crap. Water, cell, camera, ipods +accessories, sketchbook, makeup bag, coin purse, paintbrushes, pens and other drafting supplies, a book... haha you get the idea! I need the city/work to carry my stuff, wheras if I didnt have all that stuff, I would be more comfortable with the purse (plus i love the extra detail in the corners!). I still wish there was a city shape with slightly longer handles, that would fit my needs perfectly!
  11. I posted part of this reply on a different thread about the purse, but I think it applies here too, so I'm going to do a little bit of a cut and paste with new opinions thrown in.

    I'm with the majority of the other posters on this thread: I would go with the city for your first b-bag. I personally am a big fan of the purse, but it is nowhere near as functional as the city bag is. I have owned both styles.

    The first time I saw the purse in person I was shocked at how small it looked; I expected it to be much larger. I would not recommend buying the purse without being able to see it first-hand as I think that it looks slightly different in person than it does in photographs.

    I'm not exactly sure what you are looking for in a bag, but in my opinion the purse is a more formal/dressier looking bag than the city is. You can dress the city bag up, but I don't think there is really a way to dress the purse down. I'd wear my city with super-casual clothes (like track pants and a t-shirt), but I'd never pair my purse with this ensemble. On the other hand, I would absolutely wear my city to work or out to a nice dinner and a night at the theater.

    The one big plus on the purse is that the handles fit over your shoulder. The city does have the shoulder strap though so you can throw it over your shoulder as well. I can also wear the handles of the city over my shoulder so long as I don't have a coat on. The drop on the shoulder strap of the city is longer than the drop of the handles on the purse. The handles on the purse really aren't all that long though. I think that the top of the purse sits much higher on me than the top of any other normal "purse" style would. For this reason, I think the purse looks best with a form fitting coat or no coat at all. If I want to reach into my purse I have to drop it into the crook of my arm because there just isn't enough space between my armpit and the top of the bag to comfortably reach into it while it is still on my shoulder.

    Even though the dimensions on the purse are slightly bigger than those on the city (length-wide and width-wise), the purse holds a lot less than the city does. The purse is quite flat, so you can't fit too much into it without making it look bulky. The purse is really a larger version of the first. The opening of the purse is also much smaller than it is on the city because the top sides are slightly tapered. As a result, the zipper does not extend all the way across the top of the bag. I find it much easier to stuff my New York Times into a city than into a purse. I can fit my 11" laptop into the city bag (although I would not recommend this because the bottom of the bag sags with the laptop in it), but I cannot even come close to fitting the same laptop into my purse. I can load my city up with lots of different essentials of varying sizes, but once I start adding items that aren't flat into my purse it starts to look bulky and awkward: it bulges and it looks silly and ugly under my arm.

    So, if you are looking for a great everyday bag, I think the city is the bag for you; I don't think the purse is nearly as functional as the city is. I like the purse because it is a little dressier and more formal looking than the city. To my eye it is more structured and I am willing to give up a little functionality as a trade-off. I would buy the city first, and save the purse for a later purchase. These bags are highly addictive, so chances are you are going to want more than one.

    On the subject of ink v. cognac, I can't really give a good opinion because I have yet to see the cognac in person. I do like the ink though and I have a bag in ink myself. Hope this helps. Good luck!
  12. I put my vote in for the CITY! i think its a great size bag esp. for your first B-Bag!
  13. OMG-You ladies are the best! Thank you for all of your advice!

    I think the cognac is really the caramel like you said, and I am leaning towards that one right now!!! Although I have the Chloe Edith (Whiskey) on order, I am having major 2nd thoughts because the balenciaga is so soft!!! And now that someone pointed it out, the Edith reminds me of an old style briefcase- which is not the look I am going for. I just want a great, casual purse in brown/neutral that I can wear with jeans etc. I think the City might be the perfect choice!

    Of course, now that I am researching b-bags even more, I love the First as well. I can see why you are all addicted!!!:love:
  14. jag, caramel and cognac are two different colors. Caramel was part of the pre-Fall 2005 line and cognac is part of the Spring 2006 line. Aloha Rag and some retailers in Europe have the cognac for sale now, but Balenciaga NY doesn't have it available yet. Check out the WONDERFUL atelier.naff blog for the differences in the two leathers.
  15. i've seen the cognac at AR, its nice, darker than the 05 caramel, and more marbley. Its beautiful though I think, the distressing on the hobo i saw there wasn't cobblestoney at all, just a nice even distressing. very smooth and shiny, not very crackley and crispy like the lilac and cornflower.

    hmm... the color is like a dark caramel, well balanced, not very yellow, more red/brown than a gold. Also, the rust is much much much more bright than previously thought- not brown at all, very vivid red-orange! its a bit shiny and crackly though for my taste... just like the emerald unfortunetly.

    but i think i'd choose the ink, i love that color... each bag is individual, none are the same. so make sure you buy it in person or have tons of pics.
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