1. SO I went to Bloomies today to get 15% off some Pirata...but I couldn't find anything witha really good scene! ARG! You know what I mean? The nature of Tokidoki makes me search out that one piece that has a cute figure perfectly framed! I'm so bummed! Tomorrow- another Bloomies??? :nuts:
  2. Ummm, yeah, I know what you mean. Definitely another Bloomies tomorrow! You need to find the one that speaks to you! :girlsigh:
  3. good luck! :biggrin: at least you are lucky to have that 15% off lol ...wish i had those discounts here haha....
  4. Are you in Canada??
  5. No! Bloomies in SoCal (LA to be exact)!

    They are having a presale- you get 15% off everything (except Fendi) and you can pick it up on 2/28. It's a charity event (?) according to the SA I spoke to today.
  6. I got the coupon in the mail today...when is the presale...any time until 2/28? It's to end domestic violence...bloomies is making a donation to charity!! OMG...I'm going to my Bloomies tomorrow. Do I have to have a Bloomies card to get the presalee??
  7. The SA didn't say anything about using a Bloomies card so I guess it doesn't matter. Yes you can shop anytime between now and the 28th!
  8. Awesome! Thanks for the info. I'm going to Bloomies SF tomorrow!! :yahoo:
    Good luck on your hunt!! Let me know if you get what you're looking for. I'll let you know if I find anything good in SF.
  9. when is this?? MAN! why do I have to live in Hawaii!!!
  10. I totally know what you mean with the print! I love the little guy making sushi in the Paradiso print and I searched high and low for one.

    Thanks also for the infor about the Bloomies coupon! I didn't know they'd presale and I was plotting how I'd get to Bloomies somehow next Weds. :smile:
  11. You can live here for a little while and I'll go live in hawaii :yes:
  12. good luck :yes:
  13. The SF bloomies had some good adios star stuff but my bf said it would be a pain to get back into the city on Wed. to pick up the he'd rather pay full price! Whatever's his $$$$!
  14. Did you find your perfect print placement yet??
  15. I love the little guy making the sushi too, and I got so lucky my caramella I ordered from pulse had him on it . My stellina has him on the bottom though.:sad: