the price of the tinkerbell went way up.

  1. i was going to get it but the price went from 3900 to 5000 something. all i heard was 5000 and was like ughhhhhhh. but it is over 5000 and might still go up. plus you have to put half down to get it.
  2. Sigh. Yeah that makes me wonder now if they will actually still be sold out by the time they come out. I know the multicolored one is gone but the beige was still available.
    Anyway I saw them in person and they weren't worth 5k at ALL.
  3. the multi color one is not sold out. i was albe to buy it today but declined. maybe cause i am vip. the 5000 is for multi color one
  4. whats a tinker bell ?
  5. That's odd. My SA repeated ad nauseum that the MC one was sold out completely when I was at the trunk show at the beginning of February. I'm also a VIC so I don't think that has anything to do with it. I think a lot of people did just like you did and declined after they saw the final price.
  6. [​IMG]
  7. I'm not surprised it went up. For such a detailed bag, I was expecting it to be over 5K!
  8. I thought anybody would be able to purchase it, regardless if they're VIC or not. :s
  9. This was the main bag that I was interested in at the Trunk Show, it was also the only one I believe they were requiring a 50% deposit to be on the wait list. A fun bag! But at 5K ... errrrr I will admire it in the photo :smile:
  10. oh wow I dont mean to offend anyone who likes it but my first thoughts was OH MY GOD HOW UGLY lol. sorry again!
  11. Lol don't feel bad. I really didn't like it when I saw it either. I guess I'm one of the few who didn't see how that bag was worth the was so stiff and was actually really small, it would barely fit anything of mine.

  12. How were you able to buy one, when you need to but a 50% deposit for these bags? I was shown the bags in the look book but I passed. My SA told me that they won't get these bags in their store unless someone orders it and puts the money down. :shrugs:
  13. i was going to put the deposit down and have it the day it was released march 15th. but after i heard the new price i was like no cause it is canvas and will definetly get dirty. i already have a canvas globe bag and it got dirty. so i can't justify spending almost 5500 or 6000 on a tiny bag. if anythinh i would rather have the bigger version and i think that is like 10,000. ugggggggg. why do they keep rasieing the prices.
  14. Really? It retails for approx US$4600 in Taiwan for the MC tinkerbell. The beige simplier version "tinkerbell panama" retails for approx US$2,300. It's not completely sold out, you just have to order it. They probably tell you that it's sold out so you'll be dying to get one. My SA didn't say anything about putting down a deposit, she just told me to just let her know before April (Taiwan is about 2 weeks behind in getting the newest stocks). You don't have to be a VIP or VIC to get one, just need $$$ coz not that many people are willing to just put down 5,000 for a seasonal bag.
  15. You're not alone! To me, it looks like a kindergarten art project gone awry. Something only a mother could love. :yes: