The postman did not ring twice but instead...

  1. he dumped this at my doorstep! Presenting Miss Fuchsia Kelly 28! I thought Sellier for change as I have that Retourne in 32!
    P4050131.jpg P4050128.jpg
  2. Medusa!!!

    How utterly gorgeous!!:heart: :heart:

    I hope everyone finds this may want to post your beauty in the main forum so everyone sees and have the mods lock this one
  3. Thanks Quinn's Mom, sorry if the picture gave you a crick in the neck, I know now to only take horizontal shots!
  4. OMG!!!!
    Congrats! I LOVE it. What a fun bag :wlae:
  5. soo pretty! what a gorgeous color! yum! congrats!
  6. Miss Fuschia Kelly is one hot bag!! Congrats!!!
  7. Congratulations! That is one HOT bag! ENJOY!:yahoo:
  8. Thanks Hlfinn,Mybagz,LTV,anHermesLover! I will take her out for her first outing today!
  9. Spectacular, medusa! What a color and sheen! Congratulations!
  10. OMG its gorgeous. love the color
  11. Medusa, what a simply stunning bag. I love the sheen on that chevre and that's such an eye-popping color. Congratulations!!!!
  12. medusa, congratulations!!

    i loveeee cdc on's VERY PRETTY! :nuts:
  13. What a yummy color...just in time for spring! It's BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations!
  14. Thank you Katel,LVobsessed415,MaggieD, goofy, ms.fashionista! I will probably be pairing her with jeans & tshirt most of the time.:yes:
  15. He did what??? :push:
    But anyhow..... It's GORGEOUS!!
    :yahoo: CONGRATS!! :yahoo: