The perfect pale pink manicure

  1. Ok, I've been on a quest for some time to achieve the perfect pale pink-ish manicure/pedicure. I've tried all different types of nail polishes and nail polish combinations.

    I've found the perfect "formula" and I wanted to share it all with you.

    I use one coat of REVLON Sheer Buff as the base coat and on top I use one coat of Revlon Sheer Blush. I have tried more expensive polishes (OPI, Essie) and I have to tell you the Revlon lasts for at least five-six days on me without chipping, on my hands. I do a lot of typing and also cooking at home. None of the other expensive brands last longer than three days without chipping. The Revlon is by FAR the best polish in terms of duration that I have ever used.

    Try this out and see how you like it and also I'd be curious to know how long the polish lasts on you.
  2. Do you use the regular Revlon, or the Colorstay line?
    I am definitely going to try this combo. :smile: I am obsessed with my fingernails, I usually do a french manicure, but I also am questing for the perfect neutral/pink.
  3. Its the regular nail enamel. I bought it at Target! The colors are Sheer Blush 005, the bottle says Sheer Translucide, Sheer Buff 015, Sheer Translucide.

    edit, sorry i got the numbers reversed!
  4. Cool!
    I like the Colorstay line too; I use my hands a lot and it stays on really well. The only regular Revlon I've ever used is Cherries in the Snow. I'm going to buy those two tomorrow, I'll report back once I try it out. :smile:
  5. I find that its still sheer but is opaque enough, especially on short nails, that it looks real good. I put a normal coat of the buff on and then a little bit thicker coat of the blush and then top it with some Sally Hansen Clear.
  6. my mom's been using Revlon nail polish since i could remember. she says it's the best without having to spend so much. i really like a natural look so maybe i'll try this combo also.
  7. I juat got french yesterday and am really happy with the color. My manicurist uses a brand called summer french. It's really good.
  8. Thanks for the tip, Roo!
  9. Thanks for the tip, Roo! My nail polish seems to chip off within hours of applying it. I'll definitely try your suggestion.