The Perfect Face ?

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    What happens when you combine 007 Daniel Craig's baby blue eyes, Leonardo DiCaprio's nose and Matt Damon's lips? Star decided to find out!

    Using the results of a new survey by Beverly Hills plastic surgeons Toby Mayer and Richard Fleming, Star morphed the celeb body-parts most often requested by patients to create what should be the perfect man — and woman!

    But is the end result — which also added Christian Bale's jaw and John Stamos' hair — all that good-looking?

    As for the female morph, it's Katie Holmes' eyes, Katherine Heigl's nose, Keira Knightley's cheeks, Jessica Simpson's long blonde hair and — not surprisingly — Angelina Jolie's lips, "People want fullness, they want that pout," says Dr. Fleming.
  2. i don't like them all mixed up together. that's gross..

    i am very interested in what angelina and brad's daughter is going to look like when she grows up..
  3. :throwup:
  4. :throwup: Icky!
  5. The woman doesn't look too bad but the guy gives me the creeps for some reason.
  6. What an interesting experiment...

    The male face isnt appealing to me... The eyes are too pale and piercing and his lips are too feminine... in fact, I find his whole face to be too feminine :confused1:

    The female, on the otherhand, I find attractive, but my eyes dont know what feature to focus on because they are all so prominent. I even ask my older brother for his opinion;

    "Oh yuk, no she's terrible. Her mouth is too big and her cheek bones are too severe. I dont know what to focus my eyes on... there's nothing plain about her to even it out."

    Hmmmm! So maybe our imperfections do give our faces character and appeal! :yahoo:
  7. Omg haha, I just saw this today on the elliptical (I read these magazines while working out). :p The "ideal" guy is anything but IMO... way too feminine looking, and not appealing at all. :throwup: The female, eh, all I can see are Angelina Jolie's lips haha... she looks like a femme bot or something. :p
  8. The guy looks horriable :tdown:
  9. The 'perfect' man's face is very disturbing for some reason. All of these 'ideal' facial features add up to one big mess, especially on the male.
  10. Eww, yucky! He looks like he's very young and very old at the same time. His face shape and smile has a young, boyish quality. But his slight wrinkles and under eye bags make him look older.

    And the girl looks like she had too much plastic surgery on her cheeks.
  11. ew that mans face is ugly, not perfect!
  12. I think the girls face is pretty IMO?
  13. ieeeeeeeeeeeeuw.... who want's perfection anyway?!
  14. The guy looks creepy, i'm not loving the girls cheeks & nose though :throwup:
  15. Erm...the guy looks like Norm MacDonald to me. :wtf:

    Both are pretty fugly...:s