The PEARL Lovers Thread!

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  1. Has anyone taken apart a strand that was made with the harpoon system? Just wanted to see if there are any issues I should be aware of.
  2. I have a Tahitian strand with the harpoon system. I love it & have not had any problems with it so I have not taken it apart.
  3. Multi-coloured strands today

  4. I like the harpoon system although my necklace is short and I always have a hard time finding the clasp by touch. I need to have it re-strung to replace some pearls and I was thinking of working with Sakura on it because it seems like some of you have had good experiences with her. I have bought from her but have not had her make me a necklace from my own pearls.
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  5. Sakura is awesome!!! She always willing to accommodate requests. She's made me quite a few things!
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  6. She is awesome. Just send her a message. She will respond quickly. I just asked her about making a floating pearl necklace.
  7. Here is a neckshot IMG_20190507_101144.jpg
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  9. Beautiful! I love the variety of colors!
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  10. Really pretty..just makes your skin glow! Thank you for posting.
  11. Blue Akoyas today

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  12. Thanks so much! I got it for myself during a Mother's Day special deal in my home country! I never thought I would find such lovely freshwater pearls here and during lunch hour to boot :biggrin:
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  13. Here's a question. I have an old pair of tiny pearl studs. The pearls are only 3 mm according to my ruler. I've always liked them because they are so small. Unfortunately one of the pearls is shot, the nacre chipped off. They have 14K posts.

    Should I try to get new pearls on them, or shop for a new pair? I haven't seen pearl studs that small online. The smallest studs are usually 4 - 4.5mm.

    I've looked on etsy for loose pearls. There are sellers in China. But I'm reluctant to buy a pair unseen. And then I'd have to epoxy them on the earrings myself. Is this something Sakura might do? Or should I just keep shopping for new earrings?

    I'm reluctant to go to a local jeweler because the ones around here would charge at least $100 plus the cost of the pearls--they all want $50 to glue a single pearl back onto a stud--and for that I could shop for a new pair.
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