The PEARL Lovers Thread!

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  1. Thank you, SD & TXLV!!! I had the mixed strands made to different lengths for stacking purposes. They turned out really well & lay just right!
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  2. My niece graduated from college with her teaching degree, plus it was her birthday so we went to my Mom's for a big celebration! I wore my Autore WSS earrings & matching ring with a turquoise, polished crystal, & white FW necklace.
    Turquoise White pearls.jpg
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  3. Green Tahitians for Mother's Day dinner with Hubby's Mom & Dad!
    Green Tahitians.jpg
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  4. IMG_2169.JPG
    Mother’s Day Akoya studs, Hawaiian Edison’s, and Roman glass&pearl pendant today. Hubby took me on a historic home tour in Fort Worth. My son passed on the tour ;)
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  5. You look stunning, TXLV!!
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  6. The studs don’t look round in the pic but they are round and lustrous in real life. So happy with them. Love, love, love!
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  7. Whoa! I just love your pendant! it kind of looks like a jellyfish in motion. With the contrast purple pearl, it just adds to the artistry. Just lovely. Thank you for posting!
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  8. Stunning colors! Won’t you post a modeling shot? Please?:flowers:
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  9. Looking fabulous, ladies! :biggrin:
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  10. Tahitian & WSS ombré strands for belated Mother's Day dinner with my youngest son.
    Tahitian WSS ombre strands.jpg
  11. Mother’s Day Akoyas. Just purchased Tahoe’s earring bag that keep your earrings from drooping! View attachment 4432049
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  14. I love your ombre strands, makes me want one!
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  15. This post was a hot mess! I meant to say I purchased earring bax so my studs don’t droop. I tried to post a pic from my iPad...obviously it didn’t work. Note to self, don’t post when you are tired!! Sorry about that
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