The paddington..surely the most 'faked' bag on Ebay?

  1. ok..

    So I went through 6 pages of paddys last night on eBay, and only about 3 of them were real. A few of them were screaming 'Fake'...( thanks to the sticky on spotting fake paddys for teaching me:p ) and people are buying them for silly prices like £250 ($500!)....
    The sellers are very clever too, as on the advert, they put '100% authentic leather' paddington, and not that its an authentic Chloe, so to the untrained buyer it looks legit!

    Its such a shame that people dont research these things before parting with there cash.

    Are there any trusted paddy sellers on eBay...*sigh*

    I really want one:crybaby:
  2. I've never gotten into buying on eBay because the huge risk of buying an VERY expensive fake (it's one thing to pay $50 for a Canal St fake, but the logic behind buying a $500 fake is absolutely mind-boggling). If I'm already willing to part with $500 for handbag, then it's not an extra huge leap to wait and save up more money to go to a reputable store and get the real thing. I think it's well worth the extra money for the peace of mind of knowing it's authentic.

    One can also wait patiently for sales, which is what I try my best to do. I want one too, Halzer.
  3. ;) There are great deals on ebay, but you just need to be careful!!!

    What colours do you want??
  4. I like Camel, Tan and chocolate colours...*sigh*
    You know that every time I see really high bids on fakes I have to stop myself from emailing the highest bidder and give her a link to the sticky on how to tell if paddys are fakes or not!:shame:
    I just hate seeing people getting conned!!!