The ORIGINAL 2000 flat brass classique FIRST - BIN $1500

  1. Wow! That's awesome!
  2. No shoulder strap though.... : (

    that's one of the best things about this bag!
  3. Argh! I want this but I want the strap!!! Why do people throw away their straps??????????????????
  4. I'm playing the ignorant card here: what is different about the strap?
  5. it's longer and has the same hardware as the bag...You can wear it messenger style....without the strap it feels incomplete (to me)
  6. Thanks for explaining, Varsha! That sounds cool.:P
  7. well it's bought...anyone here?
  8. That was quick! Hope a PFer got it, seems to be very rare and collectible!
  9. I'm the guilty party

    :shocked: :blush: :amazed: :sweatdrop: :nuts:

    'been waiting for this bag for a while...

    'looks like I would have to send it to for a clean-up.

    'will use strap from my city but looks like it's missing a ring on one side.

  10. WOW ..... CONGRATS m1gr31n :yahoo: :flowers: !!! You lucky girl - enjoy this very rare 1st-collection classique :drool: :yes: ! Can't wait to see pics ;)
  11. ^whoo hoo! congrats on such a lovely bag!
  12. Wow congrats! i hope to find one too someday, but in the meantime, do post pics and enjoy it!
  13. Thank you firstclass1, pippop, varsha624. :flowers: :heart: :flowers: :heart: :flowers: :heart:

    I've been wanting this bag since my balenciaga addiction that started just a month ago after my first bbag purchase (may this serve as a WARNING to those who are yet to purchase their bbag). I hope getting this rare one would end my addiction (before it gets toooo serious), we'll see.:upsidedown:

    I'll first send "baby no.4" to lovingmybags and will surely post pics.

    I'm still in shock...but happy... wonderful girls like us deserve great bags :smile: :love: