The One That Got Away

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  1. I left this beauty in Bob Ellis Shoes today. :crybaby:

    Talk about summoning up willpower! This leather is without a doubt the softest Prada leather I've ever felt, even softer than the Gauffre!! Best part? It's lined in leather, even the inside of the inside zippered pocket is lined in leather that's soft beyond belief. It felt like SILK! When I took all the tissue stuffing out of it, it literally collapsed into a puddle of leather... Ah........ :tender:

    It does come with a crossbody strap and is a bit smaller than the Gauffre bowler. Price: $2050.

  2. That's willpower, PP! Great looking bag. Bob Ellis had a lot of BV's that I managed to leave behind too, so I guess we're both saving for the next bag, whatever it is.
  3. Is that purse made of human babies? looks SUPER soft, and it's cute to boot.

    Good job, if I was in your position, I might've splurged...:Push:
  4. Beautiful bag! It's hard to believe there is another bag out there that's softer than Gauffre!
  5. Oh, I was in Saks and I let a whole lotta bags get away! :sad:

  6. :nuts: Who knew such a bag existed! :heart:
  7. Its a beauty. Did you happen to see it in blue?
  8. I've seen it in blue, forget if it was at Bob Ellis or NM. It's a beautiful denim color of blue. :yes:
  9. I'm hoping the blue one will go on sale at some point! By the way, there is a tan one on ebay at the moment!
  10. wow! that is some insane willpower you have! that bag is absolutely's gorgeous!!! ooooh..and the leather lining? I'll stop now.... :rolleyes:
  11. That leather looks soooo extremely supple.... will power is always good to have though :shame:
  12. Will power - what's that????! I certainly have none when it comes to bags.
  13. wow, i don't know how you can walk away from such a beauty!! i want to hold her......
  14. Beautiful bag, the leather is amazing!
  15. Wow! Gorgeous bag!!!
    I commend you on your willpower. Wish I could exercise a bit of it! :rolleyes: