The Official Hayden Harnett and Team Discussion Thread!

  1. Thank you for the swatches, Toni! I am obsessed with the Moss--it is the perfect green imo! And I love the shrunken lamb. The rose looks exciting. Everything is beautiful, really.
  2. Hi Toni! Will you ever considering putting the magnet back in the exterior pocket of the Havana Hobo? I love love love that security feature (put my phone in that slip pocket) and it's why I pretty much only use my saddle Havana and not my other two (newer) Havanas.

    Thanks for answering questions :smile:
  3. Toni- Thanks for the swatch pics. I'm loving the new trophy in denim. how does it compare to the navy from last year? The navy that came out in wallets and the barrow cuff.
  4. wouldn't the magnet cause the phone to turn on? it does for me which is one minus of having a magnet on the outside pocket.
  5. Does anyone happen to know if the new scarves are printed on both sides? I 'm totally loving the new Santa Fe one but I know some HH scarves are only printed on one side.

    I have to get that Rose Ramone too -- love it!
  6. Hello HHhotties!

    Lots of questions today and I'm taking a break from prepping for our Holiday Spirits party at the shop to get back to you. If any of our HHhotties are in NYC, please join us this Thursday night at the HH Design:Shop from 6-9. We'd love to meet you! Here's a link to the party details:

    paelaf: thanks so much! we love the new shrunken lamb colors as well...the Nackie should be ready to launch very, very soon.

    xglam: we will be keeping the havana hobo in the new updated triple exterior pocket design, but thank you very much for the suggestion.

    lulu3955: the new pebbled veg-tan 'denim' leather is much lighter in color than the 'navy' used for the barrow cuff and hh clutch wallet. our 'navy' leather is very dark navy...very neutral. we still offer this color for our collection bags. 'denim' is a much lighter darkish medium denimy blue with some teal undertones. here is a link to the swatch page showing 'denim':

    Suzzee: The new holiday scarves are so gorgeous! I've been wearing the Taos scarf obsessively since they arrived. I'm sad to hear that this rumor is still going around about our scarves only being printed on one side. What we found, and what started this rumor, is that different types of silks absorb ink differently. For Holiday 2011, our new scarves are again being printed on sandwashed silk crepe de chine which holds our types of inks best. The silk charmeuse (pirates scarves) and silk twill (mystery scarf) we found simply do not absorb our inks as thoroughly as the current/old silk CDC due to a difference in the weave and fiber content. This makes the backside appear somewhat lighter than the frontside that is screened. I can assure everyone that as far as I know, our scarves are printed properly as per industry standards, and they are really beautiful. I designed all of the Holiday 2011 scarf prints myself and I really love the vibrancy and pop that they have. Here are some photos of both the front and backside of the 'Santa Fe' scarf:

    PS- took some quick pics of the ramone and celina cuffs that arrived today before they shipped (cognac & hickory...hickory is the darker brown). I love the new brushed 9K gold studs on the ramone:
  7. Ah... The Ramones are less blingy but still tough! So is that the same metal/finish that has always been on the Celinas?

    Thanks for the pics... It really helps with the browns! I'd love to see an IRL pic of the Tan when it comes in.
  8. toni - your pics are better than the ones on the HH site. So much more helpful. And the videos are great. I love them.
  9. Jennirane: the finish on the new ramone studs does indeed match the finish on the celina 'h' bar hardware...i love the new brushed look. a bit more girly and, oddly, it kind of romances up the ramone. the nude ramone with the brushed gold studs is the stuff of cuff love dreams.

    sallyca: thanks for the photo & video props! it's amazing how much real work i get accomplished with my iPhone. we'll be taking more photos and videos to post on the site very soon.
  10. Oh my gosh, I just fell in cuff love. I'm loving the brushed finish!
  11. Toni, I am loving the Ramone brushed!!! great change. Also, is the trophy satchel in tan/black sold out? Just curious mine is suppose to ship Friday .
  12. Haven't had any issues with my iPhone 4. Thanks for responding, Toni! I also like checking out the HH videos.
  13. Shooting a video for the Trophy Bag tomorrow & working on a new product launch for the week.

    RE: Pockets w/magnetic closures...I haven't had any issues with my phone getting wonky due to hidden magnets, but I have had hotel keycards go dead from them, which is very annoying when you're ready to hit la hay.
  14. I want to start a fun new thread for the holidays, HHhotties, 'What HH are you rocking today?' Which brave babe will take the lead? I'm dying to see pics of how you're styling your bags & also what your day-to-day Hayden-Harnett faves, newbies, & smalls are!
  15. I won't be first but DDs and I will definitely participate!

    Toni, I love the Nude and Lime. What is their handfeel, please. I would adore a cuff in Lime and Nude, ditto carryalls and passport holders (the more I travel the more I find them indispensable) and a satchel in either leather..or both.I have to look at the swatches again before I ask anything.

    I love my Pallenburgh (sp), Biblio and Gaza satchels but am hoping that at some point, you (HH) will create something a bit more structured and not as slouchy without it looking like a breadbox or mailbox with handles. Love the Nackie satchel and Trophy bag and satchel but they are still not 100% what I'm looking for. Emile Bowler was lovely but not quite me either...anything you can reveal that might be in the pipeline?

    What is the other non-Vulcan 2%?