The NY/Paris Ligne - Expandable Flap?? Is this impossible to find???

  1. I am curious to know why I don't see more information on this Ligne?
    Are people still able to get these bags, I never see them for sale!
    My SA doesn't even know what the bag looks like???? Pathetic, huh?
    Maybe I'm blind, but I don't seem to see too many threads on this style bag, is it a popular style and just hard to get....Or its not as popular as I had thought??? I love this bag....WHY DON'T I SEE MORE OF IT???
    :confused1: :drool: your thoughts on this please !!
    (The only time I can drool over pic's are in the Chanel Library, and there are not too many to look at) I do NOW have a SA looking for a bag for me.
  2. This is the bag of my dreams!!!
    20%20cent%207-20-06%20109.jpg 89_1_b.jpg
  3. And how would you guys compare the size of this bag to the Jumbo Flap?
  4. sorry, i'm not much help. first time seeing it. i really like it!
  5. Thanx, so I'm not completely out to lunch afterall!
    Maybe if I stuck around this forum more often, I would see more of these! Ya think?
  6. I'm pretty sure the white is completely sold out, but try calling the 800# just in case. It's pretty big, a lot larger than the jumbo flap.
  7. Janet, it's pretty massive to be honest, way bigger than any Classic Flap.
    I think not too many were ordered for the US, that combined w/ them selling out immediately and celebs being photographed wearing them have made them pretty elusive.
    Good luck!
  8. there was a black nylon NY/paris line in Neiman Marcus a few weeks ago in Palo Alto. I'd try giving them a call, if you are willing to buy the bag in a different color/leather
  9. Thankyou soooo much for all your all makes perfect sense to me now!
    I made some phone calls and I put myself on 2 waiting lists for a March arrival. I just love that vintage crackled leather! I just bought the PNY wallet in bronze and love, love, love it! Now I just need the bag!
    Thanx again!
  10. Mon: Didn't you have this bag? Is this the one Charlotte from Sex and the City was photographed wearing? Or do I have my bags mixed up.
    K-squared: you and I have the same taste. I love this bag.
  11. Keykey, that bag is gorgeous! I hope you find it!
  12. I love the look of that bag. I think the only thing that stopped me is that I thought it was too big ...I remember that after I saw it that once, it sold out in an instant and I never have seen it irl again. I think that there is a great picture of Monica holding the bag...let me see if I can find it....
  13. Here is the fabulous Mon modeling the bag!
  14. It's a gorgeous bag, but a bit on the big side for me.
  15. the bigger the better for me!!!!
    I feel like ripping that bag right out of the photo & CALLING IT MINE!
    Can someone explain to me why they don't even sell them on eBay???? That is what puzzles me the most!