the new shopping bags are the striped colors!!

  1. they're so so cute & say coach in gold on them :smile:

    Our staff scarf is also the striped scarf, it's sooooo cute.
  2. aww i loveee Coach's seasonal shopping bags!!
  3. I lovve that!!! I have all my special shopping bags saved!!!!
  4. I love having that little extra!
  5. I saw them last time when i went to Coach and they are so cute. But, i bought something small so they gave me a plain bag. oh well.
  6. Yup! They are really cute...I finally saw them in the stock room:smile: I love em! So fun!!
  7. Where do you workkk? Message me!
  8. I can't wait to see it!

    Question ladies - Do you use your seasonal shopping bags for anything? Like do you use them as gift bags, carry your lunch in them, or just collect them?
  9. Just collect mine...don't want to mess them up by using them!
  10. I want to see them, too!! Can't wait!
  11. Usually by the end of the season I have at least 10 or so at home and I use them for lunch/ carry my heels to work or random things.

  12. LOL Sprinkles I work at Coach:smile:
  13. No no! I know that, I work at Coach as well. I'm referring as to where you work (ie. which store!). haha I'll message you!

  14. I used the Spring one from earlier in the year for my Grandmother's Easter gift instead of a basket. It was really cute with pink tissue sticking out of it.
  15. When did these come out? I just bought a bag at the Houston Galleria Coach store last weekend and I got the regular white bag. Not complaining since it was my first but the striped bag would have been cute!