The New Offensive & Sexual Abercrombie Shirts

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  1. Well, these shirts make me believe more and more about the myth that the employers of Abercrombie only want "hot" people to shop there- now their shirts are geared to be having the 'typical hot girl/guy mentality' wearing them... Look for yourself and tell me what you think. :huh:

    Womens Shirts:


    Even worse, the Mens Shirts:


    And the worst/most sexual shirts go to.... :


  2. I said this one another blog recently, but it's always amusing to see people who think they're being really "out there" and edgy, when in reality they're just giving a hand-job to the status quo and stereotypes. These shirts fall into that category, trumpeting sexist, retrograde attitudes.
  3. what a flashback to high school...i can still see the greasy, pimply, skinny guys that thought the were god's gift wearing shirt like these...and all the fake-n-back orange girls with belly-button rings, too.
  4. horriable
  5. :lol: @ no money no car no chance lol.
  6. BRAVO!

    I don't know what's up with A&F - they must run by the theory that all publicity is good publicity. Their naked catalogs, the lawsuits over their cheap ugly T-shirts. They must really be raking it in. Personally, I hate that store, you really have to have a prepubscent body to fit right into any of their clothes. I'm glad I'm not an ironing board.
  7. I think I grew out of A&F a looong time ago. Those shirts are beyond stupid, but I can imagine what great sellers they'll turn out to be :suspiciou
  8. I agree that Abercrombie is made for prepubscent teens, and is really unrealistic porportionally. I've seen girls (or women) who work there with the "muffin" syndrome - wearing pants that are way to small to the point where there is excess skin hanging over! Yuck! And I've seen it several times at a few of the local A&F stores. It makes me wonder if they enforce a rule saying that you can only wear a size 0 there. I think they foster a really unhealthy image. It's one thing to try to be provacative or interesting in a smart way, it's another to totally miss the point!
  9. What I have heard (I said heard, not KNOW), is that Abercrombie has a rating scale (as in 1-10 rating) for customers that come into the store. They are supposed to help 7-10 first. They only want good looking people wearing their clothes. Good looking by whose standards? My question is that is every person born with small enough structure to wear a 0? I wasn't. I'm 5'10 and I sure hope I would not wear a 0 in my frame.

    I heard that information from a boyfriend way back when that used to work at Abercrombie. So I'm not sure if it is 100% true, but I see that they do chose to help the "hot" people first.
  10. Wow, wouldn't this be discrimination big time?
  11. Of course- but I guess you can't prove that the teenie-bopper sales person is not helping you because you are only a '5' and the other girl is a '9'...
  12. This is why I've never shopped at Hollister either. The first time I went in there, I was so offended by the shirts that I turned around and walked out.
    Having said this, I really love the *****y ****. That's hillarious. I would never, ever wear it out in public - I have way too much class for that - but I do think it's funny.
  13. I know that a few years ago, a few former employees sued Abercrombie for discrimination:

    "In 2004, the EEOC announced a $50 million settlement of a race and sex discrimination lawsuit against the clothing retail company Abercrombie & Fitch. Among the allegations were a claim that the clothier refused to hire female and nonwhite applicants because they did not fit the image or "look" the company was trying to project in the marketplace. " Source:

    My understanding is that over the last few years, their sales have steadily declined - that they are not as "hot" as they used to be.
  14. GOOD! My sister went to an interveiw and she is a BEAUTIFUL plus size girl with curves. They would NOT hire her. And if u ask they will tell you why. They have no shame thats why they're in shambles.
  15. You guys discussing them? You're unwittingly giving them exactly what they want. You've all just fallen prey to "BUZZ" and the power of great marketing. There's no such thing as bad publicity.

    A&F used to be this completely stodgy old men's hunting and fishing store, they'd be in the same league as Lord and Taylor, places you'd be dragged to by your grandparents. How they re-invented themselves like this is beyond me.
    Target did it too I guess but it was more of a natural progression.

    "Marketing" should be a whole topic here. I mean think about it: What the hell makes a Chloe and a Balenciaga (or any) bag worth $1300? Certainly not the quality. The whole COW can be bought for less.
    Why do women willingly give a month's mortgage for a bag? Just because some psycho celebrity (cough cough SIENNA MILLER) is seen wearing it in US magazine?

    And why is, say, Gwen Stefani's bag collection falling so flat? (I mean granted they're hideous but that's besides the point.)
    What hype doesn't she have?

    And how much has society devolved if people rush out en masse to alter their looks through surgery? (most of the time with HORRIFYING results.) Whatever happened to good old-fashioned self-confidence?