The new "it" Prada bag???

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  1. First Beyonce... not Victoria!! This bag is HOTT! :roflmfao:


  2. Ooo..I like that bag and Victoria Beckham makes it look 10x hotter. Does anyone know what the retail on it is?
  3. i wonder how much is it, it looks like a huge bag.
  4. hot hot hot bag ! love the color too :heart:
  5. does anyone know the name of this style?
  6. Nice size for traveling, hmm what's the price?
  7. Is it already in stores?Is it only one size?
  8. Very Interesting Bag, What's The Retail!!!!
  9. We thought B's bag was smaller than Vicky's but they look the same. Nice bag.
  10. This is a great looking bag!!!!
    Sorry no details
  11. Is this the preview fall/winter collection?

    I love this bag a lot!! I prefer Beyonce's one because hers got a zip but Victoria's one don't have.
  12. Such a beautiful large everyday bag... :love:
  13. :blink: Am I the only one who doesn't like it?
  14. LOL Nope. You're not alone. It doesn't call to me that's for sure. :rolleyes:
  15. i like it.. lil different from prada standard style.. i'm glad they finally realized that they need to comeup with a new designs!