The new "holiday" gallery tote, NOT the holiday Patchwork tote!--->

  1. I asked earlier but it somehow got mixed in with the PW tote question. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else has seen it or has pics? I am thinking of pre-ordering but I wanted to know how big it is. It seems a little bigger than the tote I have. Its $368 and comes in black, chocolate and winter white/cream and they are all metallic and have a shimmer to them. They also have metal studs lining the front where the straps are.
    It is STUNNING!
  2. that sounds really cute. i'd love to see pics too!
  3. Sounds GORGEOUS!
  4. Oh my! Sounds beautiful but I havent seen or heard of it yet. Make sure to post pics if and when you get some.
  5. Pics, I want to see pictures.
  6. Sounds gorgeous!
  7. I didnt get any pics at the store, although I REALLY wanted to! It really is the MOST gorgeous bag, I am soooo in love! :love: I have never seen the metal stud look on Coach before, so I am SO excited for that. I am going to try and get back to the mall this weekend so I can pre-order it. If I can get pics, I will. :graucho:
  8. I can't wait to see it!!!!!!!!!
  9. I was checking out the Sig Stripe totes, maybe I'll have to wait to see this first! Is it like the Metallic Lurex material?
  10. Oh, sounds gorgeous! I want to see pics too!
  11. does anyone have a style number
  12. I definitely wanna see photos!! I likey metallics!! ^_^
  13. I didnt get the style number, Duh me! But yes, it kind of does look like the lurex but it must not be exactly like that because the SA told me that another new bag is coming in mid-late November that is the lurex and so far they only saw it coming in a smaller bag and accessories. When I got there, they just got done watching a video of everything thats coming up. I went in to buy the sig. stripe in Chocolate because I love the shimmer, but when I saw this new one, I was like...FORGET IT!! LOL
    I want pics myself just so I can admire it some more! :nuts:
  14. can't wait to see pics, sounds pretty!!! :tup: