The New Epi Madeleine

  1. I just want to see what you guys think of the new epi madeleine. I've read in some posts that some find it boring while the others found it elegant and classy. What do you think?

    If you were to buy this bag, in what color would you buy it? Size? and why?

    If you don't like it, why not?
  2. I've only seen the black PM and it's a really nice bag if you like it that's all that matters go for it
  3. I didn't like it until I see it IRL, caught my eyes right away. Black might look old while Ivoire is just ELEGANT!

    Edited to add: I bought the GM and loving it.
  4. Red. It's jazzy in red, IMHO. I like the other two colors, as well. It just so happens that I love epi reds....
  5. I find it a great looking bag.
  6. DH just bought the Madeleine PM for me for my birthday this past weekend. I picked black because I adore black bags and truly needed a new one. I prefer the looks of the PM to the GM, but they're both nice.
  7. Is it boxy, and uncomfortable ? I wonder if you are constantly getting "poked" in the shoulders and arms by the corners?
  8. I bought a black PM very recently and I am in love with it; it is such a striking bag. It's a great size and it looks absolutely amazing with a black suit. I wore it out for drinks and it attracted a lot of attention. It's not uncomfortable in the least bit shape-wise, but it's a tad bit heavy because the straps are so skinny. But I love the way that the straps droop over the bag and the way that it easily fits over the shoulder. :smile:
  9. I love love LOVE the PM, but I think the GM is a bit awkward, size-wise. Big, but not big enough to carry files etc. It is H-O-T in red! Another lovely tPFer and me tried on the red PM a few weeks ago, and it didn't at all poke us. Get it!!
  10. i think its a very elegant bag, i'd love it myself in black
  11. I love this bag. It is going to be my next purse for sure.

    I think I am going to get it in the Red PM, since I do not have any bags in red.
  12. I think the pm looks cute, but it isn't for me. I saw it in black. I bet the ivory is pretty!
  13. not really a fan. but i'm not a huge fan of epi, so...