The new elasticised python Beale!

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  1. Choo has introduced a new exotic fabrication...the elasticized python. One of the styles is a new bag called the Beale. The Beale is high on the WOW factor and has taken a minimalist approach to hardware. Feast your eyes on 4 pictures sent to me by the always spectacular SA, Casey. I have not seen this bag in person, but robynbenz has. I have seen a Ramona version at Nordies and the feel is really cool. It is stretchy, and feels similar to a balloon. Definitely a statement or signature bag.

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  2. You beat me to it!! I was just going to post pics the UK SA sent to me of this bag. they are also coming out with another version for fall made in mink with croc and python accents.
  3. Is this a small bag? The pic with the hand in it makes it look that way. This bag is TDF!!!!! Do you know the price? (says the girl on the bag ban!)
    You know, the strap on this does look just like the strap on my Anya's. It is not stretchy tho...
  4. Never mind about the price. It is on and is almost $5000:crybaby:
  5. Hey :choochoo::choochoo:Girls

    This bag is TDF :drool: I think this will be my next investment :graucho: provided it makes it to the 50% sale. It is so light weight and squishy and fits on your shoulder like a glove. I think it is JC's best bag design with the elasticized python (makes it very durable) combination. You won't have to worry about rain or spills on your bag and it is so light weight!!!! (I know, but all of my Non Exotic JC bags feel pretty heavy)

    This bag is definitely worth the price:amazed:
  6. Yes, I'd like to know the size! It does look smaller though - compared to the previous styles.. robyn, j.. you guys have it?
  7. If I had come home with it, I would no longer have a DH :death:

    I called Jburgh from the store and tried to get her to buy it (that way I could live vicariously through her), but she was going to wait for the sales:lol: