The new calfskin Magic Bags.

  1. Okay so as ilurvebags mentioned in her thread about the limited edition keychains, she saw the SA's at her local Fendi marking up some calfskin Magic bags. And she mentioned that she saw a cream one...

    And I am so EXCITED!!! :nuts::nuts::nuts:

    So I called my SA in Sydney and they have had them in for a few weeks. She said the small one was 1555 AUD (approx 1245 USD) and the medium one was 1810 AUD (approx 1450 USD). The bag is all calfskin and she described it as the handle and the flap being slightly lighter than the main body of the bag. And it was made to look like some kind of crocodile look.

    She said this was the latest one and it was the most structured. Yay! :yahoo: I love structure. Now I don't need to get that cream Gucci bag (didn't like it much), so glad Fendi has new stuff!!!

    So anyway ladies for those of you interested, I will be posting photos of the small and medium later today (it didn't come in a large she said). She also said that there was a patent magic bag. The calfskin ones also came in an olive green, black, light brown, pure white and dusty pink (these have been around for about 6 months). But the cream is the latest which they got in this month.

    By the way I didn't check the websites to see if there were any pics so if anyone else comes across any feel free to post them here. Fingers crossed :sweatdrop: I like this new magic bag cos if I do I'll be getting one! :wlae:

    So what does everyone else think about the Magic Bags in general? I love them but I have only seen 1 major thread on it (that wasn't very long anyway). Anyone else intending on getting one?

    :heart: Fendi is my favourite designer... :heart:
    how much are those for?
    OMG whos ur SA?? if it's rebecca she is such a sweetie.
  3. PS - i never liked magic bags till i saw the cream one, it was GORGEOUS i'm sure you'll like it

    btw i thought it was white/ivory! sorry my bad, hehe
  4. can you please please please tell me about the patent leather bag, you just got me too excited. I have been looking for a patent leather bag. What colour is it? I should go down to the boutqiue but i don't want to show up there every week :sad:

    lol i'm getting far too addicted.
  5. Rebecca is very nice. I actually just deal with whoever picks up the phone as I'm in Melbourne. Tian, Rebecca, Cici, Racquel etc they are all so lovely. Not sure about the patent. I won't call them up, made too many calls today already... :shame:

    Do give them a call. The number is 02 9251 5200.
  6. You are right too. There is one that is pure white as well. From the brief phone call and my scribbled notes, this is what I got.

    In calfskin:
    Olive Green, Black, Light Brown, Pure White, Dusty Pink, Cream.

    And the cream is the most structured. The rest are softer.

    I think she said the patent on is like a dark brown? Can't remember but she said it has been out a while. In fact I might have seen it on the net. NAP or styledrops or something.
  7. can't wait to see pics!
  8. Got the email but the photos weren't attached... Gotta wait another day. Sorry ladies!
  9. This is the patent one I was talking about. Got the pics from Bluefly. I am sure most people have already seen this one. It only comes in the small and medium. Personally not a fan of this one.
    small brown patent.JPG medium brown patent.JPG
  10. oops
  11. Ohhh the calf skin magic bags sound gorgeous... :love: If only I can see them IRL!! :sad: Anyone seen them yet?? If so, would love to see pics!
  12. I love the one you already have Kav, and I'd seen that pic on bluefly before but didn't "notice" it until now. Despite you not liking it I kind of like it. Still would need to see it in real life. Excited about the type you're talking about though, would love to see pics.

  13. oh thanks for posting a pic
    it's cute nothing too special, i wouldn't mind having one but i would rather buy a spy.

    Although i am looking for a patent leather bag, but in red :heart:
  14. OMG I LOVEEeE the spalmati spy but i'm trying to get more classic bags and tone down the funkiness :sad: lol

    oh and joani, i saw them at the boutique. Gorgeous is the word :tup:
  15. What are you talking about? I love my magic bag! ;) I actually didn't like it as much when I got it but it has really really grown on me only in the past 2 months. From what I've heard, the calfskin ones are gorgeous!

    Still haven't gotten pics. :sad: She must have forgotten to re-send them to me cos she sent them yesterday without the pics attached. Oh well I'll give her a call tomorrow.